One Cloud. Countless opportunities.


Streamline the analysis of your multi-omics data sets with the strength of OneOmics™ Suite.

With the power of cloud computing at your fingertips, extract and visualize mass spectrometry-generated data from proteomics, metabolomics, and genomics projects on a single platform. Turn them into biological insights quickly, and share those results widely and easily with your collaborators.

OneOmics Suite has the speed and scale to enable end-to-end processing of large-scale proteomics and metabolomics data from your SCIEX LC-MS. Whether you are wanting to increase your lab’s throughput, are researching novel biomarkers and need to produce meaningful biological results in a timely manner, or are busy running your core lab and don’t have time to spend learning new software, OneOmics is at the ready. This collaborative platform allows researchers to share results and access them from any location in the world, at any time.

Drive big data to meaningful results with cloud computing

One place that fits any size project

Our powerful cloud-based processing software can distil multi-omics data from transcriptomics and mass spectrometry data all in one place.
No more queues, no backlog of samples waiting to be processed. Just secure, precise information at revolutionary speeds.

One powerful license for better biological understanding

Log in, run samples, and find a whole data universe at your fingertips. OneOmics Suite is accessible from either a computer or mobile device, unlocking your team’s biological understanding whenever and wherever they need.

One place to collaborate

Partnerships can flourish synchronously through OneOmics Suite, as its power and fidelity makes communicating and processing data on shared timelines easy. Any party involved can simply log in and get started!

OneOmics Brochure

The day to process days' worth of data in minutes, access data any size, at any time and any place, has arrived. Experience data processing power equal to the depth of your multi-omics data sets and derive powerful biological insights all on a single platform

A true multi-omics environment

SWATH® Acquisition for label-free proteomics

Capture precision and quantification from the vast quantity of data acquired using SWATH® Acquisition. Seamlessly correlate results with transcriptomics data and advance your research of potential biomarkers.

ProteinPilot™ Software is in the Cloud!

Implementation of trusted ProteinPilot algorithms in OneOmics Suite allows protein identification at any scale, for ion-library building and iTRAQ® reagent quantification.

In-depth untargeted metabolomics

Leverage the breadth of MS/MS-based SWATH metabolomics data to quantify and identify features of interest. OneOmics' precise ability to focus and order information nullifies the need for expensive infrastructure and experts, and is infinitely scalable for any size project.

Omics results in biological context in a flexible cloud environment


OneOmics Suite doesn’t run away from large projects! Where on-site infrastructure is a setback when it comes to setup, cloud-based, mass spectrometry software is accessed with ease. Read about the security of the platform, and how there is no additional time or financial requirements for set up.


See the benefit of multi-omics analysis in characterizing biological processes. Read how proteomic and transcriptomic analysis of neural differentiation of human embryonic stem cells can be merged within OneOmics Suite for comparison of RNA and protein expression levels.


More samples, more results! OneOmics Suite cloud-based data processing tools boost your lab’s productivity significantly by running high volumes of data analyses at a time. Learn how you can quickly perform quantitative protein experiments and easily check fold change measurements from SWATH® Acquisition data.