Targeting the Answers to Your Biological Questions with Targeted Metabolomics

Taking Targeted Metabolite Quantitation to the next Level

Targeted metabolomics conceptually involves deciding on metabolites of interest before metabolite quantitation and confirmation of identity. This could be a combination of commonly observed metabolites from a variety of pathways, such as amino acids, organic acids and nucleotides, or could involve selecting a potential pathway of interest and quantifying all of the metabolites on that pathway.

With the wealth of information available on known metabolites, targeting pathways and individual metabolites that are biologically relevant to an area of study is a common approach, yet it is not without its challenges. Often SRM-based methods are insufficient to confirm the identity of a metabolite, while interferences from the biological matrix or interfering species can be detrimental to their quantification.

SCIEX solutions for targeted metabolomics extend much further than a simple triple quad, offering a wealth of MS and front-end tools to allow you to identify and quantify with high sensitivity, precision and accuracy, allowing you to design your targeted experiments intuitively and capture data on the most important changes in your sample.

Identify and Quantify Targeted Metabolites with Confidence

If you’re targeting specific metabolites of interest, you will be seeking highly specific and sensitive data on those metabolites. Take SRM approaches to the next level with tools that can provide unambiguous identification as well as specific and accurate quantitation.

Target Low-level Metabolites with Supreme Sensitivity

Discover the metabolites that can be revealed by high sensitivity microflow approaches.

Microflow Metabolomics in Action

See how microflow metabolomics provides the coverage and sensitivity to classify cancer samples using data from over 300 metabolites.

Take on Challenging Metabolites

See how difficult metabolites such as nucleotides and nucleosides can be readily quantified without complex sample preparation.

Rapidly Detect and Quantify Amino Acids with Confidence

Unambiguous, quantitative analysis of free amino acids needn’t take forever. See how this can be achieved in a rapid, robust manner.

Making Lipid Analysis Simple and Routine

See how precise, accurate quantitation of lipids can be achieved routinely.

Metabolomics in Wellness Studies

See how targeted metabolomics data can provide insights into health, diet, fitness and overall wellbeing. All from a dried blood spot!

A Toolbox for Ultimate Quantitative Performance

Targeted approaches performed at the highest sensitivity need much more than just a triple quad. See how SCIEX solutions for targeted metabolomics offer novel front end approaches to increase metabolite coverage and sensitivity, integrated solutions designed to allow you to perform tricky analyses routinely, and industry-leading data processing capable of handling high levels of multiplexing.

QTRAP® 6500+

Highly sensitive and robust hybrid triple quadrupole- linear ion trap system.

OptiFlow™ Quant Solution

A new frontier in targeted quantitation. Ultimate quantitative sensitivity in an integrated solution.

CESI 8000 Plus

Bringing capillary electrophoresis and electrospray-MS together into a single sensitive and selective approach.

MultiQuant™ Software

Powerful and efficient quantitation software capable of handling large multiplexed batches.