Learning Hub personalized application support

Personalized application support from experienced industry experts

Personalized training and support from SCIEX application scientists can help you save time on application development and implementation as well as give your user's confidence in troubleshooting and maintenance. This benefits the lab by letting you obtain valid results faster and maximize instrument uptime, all which result in lowered total cost of ownership.

Shorten time to result

Develop and optimize your specific application methods faster with the expertise from SCIEX application scientists.

Enhance quality of results

Sensitivity, reproducibility, specificity? Find answers to improve your methods and get better results.

Boost productivity

Focus on what matters most to you with more instrument uptime and waste no more time or resources on troubleshooting.

Gain confidence

Sharpen your skills at operating and maintaining your instruments, as well as using your software for data processing and reporting.

What can you expect from a personalized application support visit?

An applications scientist, who is an expert in your field, will contact you to discuss your training goals and tailor a visit focused on your specific needs. We have applications scientists experienced in pharmaceutical, omics, food and beverage, environmental, forensics and toxicology industries.

Tailored to your labs needs

This sample agenda shows what a visit could look like as will as the mix of lecture versus lab exercises. All customizable to your industry and lab needs.


Experts available in your field

Whether you are identifying antibody drug conjugates to treat cancer cells or analyzing components to combat contaminant adulteration, our application scientists understand your challenges and here to help.

Life science research

Food testing

Pharma and BioPharma

Environmental testing

Clinical diagnostics

Forensic analysis

What customers say about personalized application support

Mike was extremely helpful. He was very knowledgeable about the subject matter. He even came back for half a day on day 4 to make sure we had a usable method. I would recommend Mike to any toxicology laboratory looking to set up multi-drug panels
- Toxicology customer

I really appreciate that April and SCIEX were able to work with is an only train in the areas applicable to our lab. Additionally, I appreciate that we trained using client samples, which allowed us to keep making progress on ongoing projects
- Environmental testing customer