TripleTOF® 6600 System


Expanding possibilities

Take on new analytical challenges and extend your research capability with the TripleTOF® 6600 quadrupole time-of-flight (QTOF) mass analyzer.

Built with versatility in mind, TripleTOF technology unleashes sensitivity, speed and productivity in a single multifaceted platform to help you dig deeper into complex samples. Ultra-fast acquisition rates allow you to collect high-resolution MS/MS data on every detectable analyte in your sample, giving you the potential you need to advance your research.

Power your workflows with high-resolution accurate mass LC-MS

  • Fast acquisition speed with no compromise in data resolution to identify more compounds in your sample
  • More complete data-with high-resolution MS/MS data on every detectable analyte
  • Advanced workflow capabilities – with high-performance sensitivity
  • Enhanced quantitation- with extended linear dynamic range


 TripleTOF 6600 System
Key features

Enhanced selectivity with differential ion mobility

Get more out of every sample with an additional dimension of separation with SelexION® Differential Ion Mobility Technology.

Robust spray with the renowned Turbo V™ Source

Efficient ion production while limiting contamination for maximized robustness, reliability and uptime.

Comprehensive coverage with data-Independent SWATH® Acquisition

Variable window capabilities allow for a large number of Q1 isolation windows at user controlled widths, up to 200 per cycle to achieve better specificity, even in complex samples.


Maximize flexibility with front end separations

Compatible with advanced front-end separation strategies including high-flow, microflow and nanoflow, and capillary electrophoresis spray ionization (CESI).

High resolution accurate mass spec technology

Taking mass spec analysis to the edge

With more ions produced, better ion focusing, improved ion reflection and maximized detection, you will experience the performance edge with the TripleTOF 6600 System. Optimized instrument control electronics in conjunction with patented LINAC collision cell technology delivers ultra-fast acquisition rates of up to 100 MS/MS per cycle for IDA mode and 200 MS/MS per cycle for SWATH® data-independent acquisition, without compromising resolution.

IonDrive™ Turbo V Source

The new design of the legendary Turbo V source increases ion production by using enhanced gas flow dynamics and optimized heater configuration to improve reliability, reproducibility, and robustness at higher flow rates.

QJet® Ion Guide

Designed for robustness, the QJet Ion guide provides large capture radius for efficient transfer of ions from source to quadrupole optics.

LINAC® Collision Cell

High drive frequency collision cell provides better ion transmission, higher duty cycle, and improved resolution by focusing ions prior to entering TOF.

Accelerator TOF™ Analyzer

Time-of-flight analyzer uses a 2-stage mirror and 15 kV acceleration to improve resolution and efficiency. Get the speed and sensitivity required for triple quadrupole like quantitation, but with high resolution and mass accuracy for qualitative applications.

Detection system

4-channel MCP detector with ADC processing technology provide more than 5-orders of linear dynamic range while improving robustness and lifetime at high ion currents.

Key features  
Mass range TOF 5 – 40,000 m/z
Mass selection range Q1 5 – 2250 m/z
TOF-MS mass resolution and acquisition speed ≥35,000 (FWHM) at 956 m/z, using 10 ms accumulation time
TOF-MS/MS mass resolution and acquisition speed ≥30,000 (FWHM) at 813 m/z, and ≥25,000 (FWHM) at 195 m/z, using 10 ms accumulation time
Detector type 4-channel MCP detector with ADC signal processing for extended dynamic range
Flexible data acquisition workflows TOF-MS
Information dependent acquisition (IDA) MS/MS
Data independent SWATH® Acquisition with fixed or variable Q1 isolation windows
Targeted MRMHR workflow
Ionization sources IonDrive™ Turbo V, DuoSpray™ Source, each with TurboIonSpray® or atmospheric-pressure chemical ionization (APCI) probes available; NanoSpray® III Source, Digital PicoView NanoSource
Orthogonal front end separation compatibility Compatible with advanced front-end separation strategies including high-flow, microflow and nanoflow chromatography, capillary electrophoresis spray ionization (CESI), or using SelexION® Differential Ion Mobility
Variable window SWATH® Acquisition Data-independent SWATH® Acquisition with variable window capabilities, allows for a large number of Q1 isolation windows at user-controlled widths, up to 200 per cycle to achieve better specificity, even in complex samples. Read More
Data file portability Condensed data file sizes simplify and streamline data storage and portability for sharing with colleagues, without losses in data quality, completeness or security

Explore the unique TripleTOF System technology

Workflows powered by the TripleTOF 6600 System

Introducing the multi-omics powerhouse

Analyze your complex samples faster without compromising between speed, resolution and sensitivity. Identify and quantify your sample components more comprehensively across a broad dynamic range of concentrations with the high-resolution MS/MS, at ultra-fast acquisition speeds.

Industrialized proteomics

Balance throughput and sensitivity for large scale proteomics studies with Microflow SWATH.

Cloud based computing

Analyze multi-omic datasets, boost processing power, and visualize biological results with OneOmics™ cloud based tools.

Powerful targeted quantitation

Obtain high-quality quantitation with MRM HR workflow, for targeted analysis of proteins, lipids or small molecule metabolites.

Explore the lipidome

Broadly profile large numbers of lipids with the unique Infusion MS/MS ALL workflow.

Cover the metabolome

Streamline your metabolomics with single injection acquisition and XCMSPlus data processing.

The optimal choice for comprehensive pharma/biopharma analysis

From qualitative characterization experiments to high quality quantitation, this system gives you the power, sensitivity and flexibility to support and advance your therapeutic discovery and development pipeline.

Comprehensive drug metabolism

Be confident you’re not missing low level or toxic metabolites or catabolites in your sample

Host cell protein detection

Identify low level host cell proteins you didn’t know existed using data-independent SWATH® Acquisition

Sequence variant analysis

Sensitivity and large dynamic range enables sequence variant detection during biotherapeutic development

Accurate mass quantification

Gain additional selectivity for quantification by utilizing high-resolution MS/MS data

Multiple attribute methodology (MAM)

Perform biologic product quality attribute monitoring and quantitation, known impurity tracking, and unspecified impurity testing with a streamlined and complete workflow for MAM

Unbeatable versatility to manage any challenge

Take on new challenges and projects by choosing a platform that offers maximum versatility. Quickly get up and running with new workflows by employing a familiar system with the widest breadth of applications available.


Comprehensive and proven solutions to obtain and analyze large amounts of data accurately.


Translate your research into biological knowledge with a complementary portfolio of solutions to measure, process, characterize metabolites.


Capture and analyze 1000s of cellular lipids to identify biomarkers and clarify cellular metabolism at the lipid level.

Comprehensive drug metabolism and biologics catabolism

Fast and efficient metabolic stability, soft spot analysis and in-depth, comprehensive identification of metabolites and catabolites in a sample.

Biologics characterization and MAM workflow

Succeed in the face of escalating workloads and more complex biotherapeutic characterization demands.

Host cell protein detection

Overcome challenges of low-level host cell proteins (HCP), assuring safe biotherapeutic development with proven technologies to help boost productivity.

Unknown screening in food and environmental

Test and protect our global food and beverage supply with solutions that address the needs of food scientists, producers, and regulators.

Unknown forensic drug screening

Detect, qualify and quantify NPS and other forensic drug compounds.

Powerful processing to get from data to answers

Couple the most advanced hardware platform with industry leading software processing, and you will accelerate discoveries across multiple applications, from proteomics, metabolomics and lipidomics to food/environmental screening and biologics characterization.

OneOmics™ Project

Process your SWATH data faster, and integrate multi-omics data seamlessly and securely in one place

ProteinPilot™ Software

Enhance your proteomic studies with rigorous enhanced database searching and confident protein assignments

BioPharmaView™ Software

Accelerate biologics and biosimilar characterization with powerful data processing for core characterization applications and multiple attribute methodology workflows

MetabolitePilot™ Software

Interpret your metabolism and biologic catabolism data faster with high-throughput processing

PeakView® Software

Qualitative review of LC-MS and LC-MS/MS data with advanced peak ID and profiling software

Maximize productivity with the complete solution

Flexible configurations to change the way you work

Whether you need the highest sensitivity of CESI or NanoLC for biomarker discovery experiments or higher flow rates for throughput and robustness, the TripleTOF System offers complete flexibility so it can be configured to meet your specific workflow needs. Coupled with industry-leading software packages for fast data to results, the TripleTOF is the one system that is versatile enough to answer all your questions.

Capillary electrophoresis ESI

Achieve enhanced separation with integrated capillary electrophoresis (CESI)

NanoLC™ System

The most flexible low flow LC system, offering high reproducibility across a wide flow rate range

M5 MicroLC System

Optimized MicroLC System for high-throughput workflows and limited sample volumes

ExionLC™ System

Analytical flow LC with superior expandability, robustness and carryover performance

SelexION Differential Ion Mobility

Fast, reproducible and easy-to-use ion mobility device for heightened selectivity

Optiflow™ Interface

Easily switch to the most appropriate flow rate for your experiment without breaking vacuum

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