ZenoTOF 7600  system

Zeno Trap and EAD

A high-resolution mass spectrometry solution that combines powerful MS/MS sensitivity, fragmentation technology and a step-change in data independent acquisition.

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Welcome to the Zeno revolution

Driven by the power of the Zeno trap coupled with electron activated dissociation (EAD) fragmentation technology, this fragment-centric revolution unlocks sensitivity gains allowing you to uncover new information for certainty in your results to make better-informed decisions, faster.

Detect up to 20x more ions in every experiment and access a spectrum of tuneable fragmentation techniques to unlock new perspectives for every molecule, in every experiment.

Harness the power of Zeno SWATH data independent acquisition (DIA) to deliver a high depth of coverage, particularly on low abundance species, quickly and robustly. Routinely quantify up to twice the number of plasma proteins than previously possible and drive faster discovery of new disease markers and therapies.

Zeno opens the door to a ‘fragment centric revolution’

Maarten Dhaenens Ghent University, Belgium


The Zeno revolution is now...

Zeno trap, EAD and Zeno SWATH DIA. A high resolution mass spectrometry solution that combines MS/MS sensitivity, orthogonal fragmentation technology and a step change in SWATH DIA.

  • Characterize large molecules including post-translational modifications
  • Elucidate positional isomers on small molecules and lipids
  • Identify and quantify proteins and peptides at unparalleled speed
  • Gain significant sensitivity and discover less abundant ions

Overcome QTOF MS/MS duty cycle deficiencies

  • >90% ions injected into the TOF
  • Sensitivity gains of up to 5-20X with Zeno trap pulsing
  • Identify and quantify low abundance species

Tuneable fragmentation of all molecule types

Utilize controlled electron activated dissociation (EAD)

MS/MS Scan rates of up to 133 Hz


zeno swath dia

Zeno SWATH Data Independent Acquisition (DIA)

Dive deeper into the biomarker landscape. Zeno SWATH DIA marks a significant step-change in data independent acquisition delivering a high depth of coverage, particularly on low abundance species, quickly and robustly.

The Zeno trap in combination with SWATH Acquisition enables significant sensitivity gains through the use of Zeno trap enabling researchers to routinely quantify up to twice the number of plasma proteins than previously possible.

With sample loads as little as 10 ng and runtimes shortened to as little as 5 mins, large-scale biomarker studies can run as routine projects that are achieved in a matter of weeks, without compromising the depth of proteome coverage that can be obtained.

Zeno SWATH DIA allows the highest level of depth in your data in the shortest amount of time compared to traditional SWATH DIA.

Electron Activated Dissociation (EAD)

A step-change in fragmentation technology

EAD allows for a range of free electron based fragmentation mechanisms within one device. The ability to tune electron kinetic energy within an EAD experiment extend the utility of the approach to all molecules type from singly charged small molecules to large multiply charged proteins.

Zeno trap

The next era of sensitivity for accurate mass

Ions are accumulated in the Zeno trap before being pulsed rapidly into the TOF, meaning we can detect up to 20x more ions.

Consequently, each TOF experiment contains more useful MS/MS information, particularly on lower abundance species that were previously undetectable, introducing our customers to a new sensitivity revolution.

Without Zeno trap pulsing

With Zeno trap pulsing


Rare quantifiable data becomes your everyday


New depth of rare data.


Fresh perspective and certainty.


Fresh perspective and certainty.

Zeno enabled data landscape

Sciex os

Bringing integration, integrity and accessibility to large scale data studies

SCIEX OS is built on a foundation of powerful algorithms and automation that enable efficient data interpretation, at scale, to the level needed for clinical relevance.

It's remarkable quantitative useability makes collaboration easy enabling researchers across labs, countries and continents to share insights and produce meaningful impact.

SCIEX OS is powering the Zeno revolution.