Accelerate biologics
and biosimilar

Driven by revolutionary data processing for core characterization workflows, BioPharmaView Flex Software delivers a powerful, intuitive and flexible workflow for intact and peptide-level analysis.

Make confident biotherapeutic decisions quickly with intuitive assessment capabilities and data visualization in a high-throughput batch format.

The most efficient path to an answer for protein therapeutics

Designed from the ground up, BioPharmaView Flex Software covers all the critical characterization assays for protein therapeutics. Get an answer to quickly, easily and confidently advance your project.

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The power to solve scrambled disulfides

Ensuring disulfide bond arrangements are as expected is critical for the safety and efficacy of biotherapeutics. Confirm expected disulfides and solve scrambled disulfides using a single software solution.

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The power to do it
all in one package

Run intact, subunit and peptide-level analysis of therapeutic proteins in a single package. You can even mix and match different analyses from different batches.

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Peptide maps that are easy to understand

Peptide maps of protein therapeutics can have an overwhelming amount of information. BioPharmaView Flex Software presents the data in a format that is easy to understand and responsive to interaction.


Your data the way you want to see it

Highly flexible and configurable, BioPharmaView Flex Software enables you to visualize your data the way you want. There are no programmed interfaces—you create a visual overview that’s meaningful for you.

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No need for protein sequence

Sometimes you need an answer quickly. With BioPharmaView Flex Software, just type in a name and an expected mass, and off you go. You don’t need to know the sequence of the protein or an amino acid sequence of an empirical formula.

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