Talk Precision Medicine

Making Big Data Connections

Dr. Mingxun Wang uses the language of communication in biology—the metabolome—to speak to scientists from around the globe about how big data can create context for new connections and hypotheses.

11 / 01 / 2020 | Mingxun Wang

How can big data approaches to metabolomics help scientists generate knowledge? Researchers at the University of California San Diego have developed a way for scientists all over the world to create a larger context and uncover new connections between their results. Mass spectrometry data can be used to understand the interactions of small molecules that affect overall host health and the impact of environmental exposure.

A world-renowned institute for research on aging looks at the biomarkers of aging to find ways to intervene before age-related illnesses affect quality of life.

“If you don’t look at the small molecules, it’s like watching a movie with the sound muted.”

Mingxun Wang