Dayanjan Wijesinghe, PhD

Dayanjan harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and data visualization to speed discoveries in biomedical research.

His research is centered on how lipid signaling affects the onset and resolution of inflammation and the process of wound healing. The goal is to understand how the healing process can be sped up by manipulating the lipid signaling pathways.

Dayanjan’s lab develops new and sophisticated diagnostic tools, analytical methods, statistical workflows and software with extreme analytical resolution. To date, the most versatile and accurate tool in the qualitative and quantitative investigations of lipids is ultra-high performance liquid chromatography coupled with atmospheric pressure ionization tandem mass spectrometry. 

“Due to the large diversity of lipids and the fact that closely related lipids often display different bioactivities, understanding the roles of lipids in these processes require the use of new and sophisticated tools with extreme analytical resolution.”

Dayanjan Wijesinghe