Jennifer Van Eyk, PhD

Jenny is a recognized international leader in clinical proteomics. Under her direction, compelling biological questions meet innovative proteomic analytical techniques to help address clinically meaningful problems.

Jenny is focused on developing technical pipelines for de novo discovery and larger scale quantitative mass spectrometry methods. This includes multiple reaction monitoring (MRM, also known as SRM) and most recently data-independent acquisition. 

Her lab at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center is well known for the extreme technical quality of the data generated and for rigorous quality control with tight %CV, while applying these to key clinical questions. The aim is to maximize throughput and reproducibility in order to move targeted and robust discovery methods into large populations, paving the way for healthy continuous assessment and clinical grade assays focusing on brain and cardiovascular diseases.

“I am driven by the need to precisely quantify the great complexity of the biology and proteins that define each person’s health status. I believe that proteins are remarkable, biology is remarkable, and our ability to (potentially) intercede in disease is remarkable. Thus, we need exquisite quantification of the breadth of proteome diversity.”

Jennifer Van Eyk