Tanya Gamble, MSc

Tanya leads next generation nominal mass product efforts to meet the ever-changing demands of SCIEX customers.

As a Senior Product Manager with a background in the science and technology industry, Tanya is passionate about developing, launching and supporting life science instrumentation products that meet the most complex analytical needs of SCIEX customers. 

In her role as a product manager, she collaborates closely with customers to understand their challenges and desires. Tanya then collaborates internally to create exciting new products, responsible for the entire lifecycle through to successful launch and adoption. Working closely with applications teams, she understands where the product will help researchers to be more successful.

“Historically, mass spectrometry has been a technique that needed an expert to perform, but they are becoming routine tools to answer multiple questions in the fewest number of steps. There is a continued drive to make mass spectrometry simply a detector so that the scientists can focus on getting to the answers they need quickly.”

Tanya Gamble