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Full Biotherapeutic characterization
Biologics Explorer software

Achieve clarity on your biotherapeutic

Leveraging the latest acquisition techniques and built on a heritage of proven performance, Biologics Explorer software delivers highly accurate and informative workflows for fully characterizing protein biotherapeutics. Reach decisions on the most important critical quality attributes for biopharmaceuticals faster and more confidently.

Wide variety of workflows

Biologics Explorer software supports the most important LC-MS characterization assays right out of the box, based on industry best practices. The intuitive nodal structure is easy to optimize so you can get exactly what you want from your assays. Available workflows include:

  • 01:
  • 02:
  • 03:
  • 04:
  • 05:
  • 06:

Visualizations provide insight

  • Next generation biologics are becoming more complex with more potential post-translational modifications and protein forms. This produces a vast amount of digital information from mass spec characterization.
  • With the use of intuitive visualizations, Biologics Explorer software gets you from sample to insight - fast! The software provides the ability to immediately see patterns and features even in raw data, ensuring you don't miss identifying anything important.
Download technical note
Download technical note

Built for EAD

  • Electron activated dissociation (EAD) in the ZenoTOF 7600 system breaks new ground in depth of coverage for peptide mapping and PTM analysis of biopharmaceuticals. EAD produces incredibly rich MS/MS spectra.
  • Biologics Explorer software is critical for transforming those rich spectra into incredibly informative results. The data processing engine is optimized to extract the maximum amount of information from every CID and EAD spectrum.
Download technical note
Download technical note

Transparency from start to report

  • Unlike Biologics Explorer, biologics characterization in some applications can leave you wondering how exactly the result was reached. The data can go in, and an answer can come out, without any clarity around how it happened.
  • Biologics Explorer software is all about transparency. The workflow-based setup allows you to see all the steps of what is happening with optimization at each node to get the best out of your data.

Powered by Genedata Expressionist®

  • Biologics Explorer software is built upon an industry-leading platform for biopharmaceutical mass spectrometry. Leveraging the expert knowledge and proven capabilities of Genedata Expressionist®.

Biologics Explorer software is compatible with these featured systems below and across all SCIEX high resolution mass spectrometers:

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Intabio ZT system

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