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The integrated software platform solution for all SCIEX innovations; SCIEX OS software delivers data integrity, seamless usability and efficiency gains for your mass spectrometry workflows throughout your laboratory. Built on advanced and sophisticated algorithms, SCIEX OS software facilitates instrument control and automated data processing, simplifying your workflows and empowering swift, well-informed decision-making.

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More efficient

Increase your productivity. Consistently deliver high-quality, actionable data from your mass spectrometry workflows with easy-to-learn SCIEX OS software.

Improved usability

Create an integrated experience across any and all of your SCIEX instruments (including SCIEX Triple Quad, QTRAP and QTOF systems).

You can now access the SCIEX OS software API to tie into your own tools to provide a customized approach to data review and processing.

Greater integrity

The accuracy, precision and stability of SCIEX OS software helps ensure your data quality—batch after batch and throughout every stage of your MS workflow—remains uncompromised.

Automated processing

Eliminate the need for manual data processing and reduce human-induced errors. Free up resources for more critical tasks.


Enhance your connectivity to SCIEX OS software via APIs

Labs are evolving from islands of standalone software and hardware into a landscape where automation drives instrumentation and data from different instrument vendors flows into LIMS, ELNs, data lakes and advanced analytics tools. As laboratory infrastructure becomes interconnected, software APIs are a key component to enabling this connectivity.

SCIEX offers 3 APIs that provide connectivity to SCIEX OS software and data.

Scout triggered MRM (stMRM)

Increase efficiency and reduce method maintenance

SCIEX OS software offers an exciting, data-rich workflow called scout triggered MRM (stMRM). Intelligent monitoring of the designated marker analytes increases efficiency and reduces the demand for method maintenance. An stMRM license unlocks your SCIEX Triple Quad system to obtain better-quality data across vast screening workflows.

Central administrator console

Control, manage and audit

Laboratories with multiple instruments can now use the Central Administrator Console (CAC) on SCIEX OS software 3.0 or later to create and manage projects.


Specification Requirements
Operating system Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit), version 1809 LTSC, 20H2, or 21H2. English, French, German, and Italian operating systems are supported.
Processor Multicore (6+) processor (with 64 bit support), 3+ GHz, 9+ MB Cache
RAM 8 GB, 32 GB recommended
Data storage Nominal mass systems: 1 TB SSD minimum
Accurate mass systems: 2 TB SSD minimum

Server Workstation

Specification Requirements
Operating system Windows 10 (64-bit), version 1809 LTSC. 20H2, or 21H2; Windows Server 2019 and later. English operating system only.
Processor Multicore processor (with 64-bit support), 3 GHz
RAM 8 GB, 32 GB recommended
Data storage 1 TB SSD minimum

Now available in 9
different languages 不同的语言 idiomas diferentes 다른 언어들 différentes langues idiomas diferentes verschiedenen Sprachen lingue differenti 異なる言語


Power up your SCIEX ecosystem

Triple Quad

SCIEX OS software is the complete software platform for the SCIEX Triple Quad 7500+, 7500, 6500+ series, 5500+ series and 4500 systems. With its automated tools simplifying peak finding and integration, and calibration curve review, SCIEX OS software helps you reach new levels of precision across all your quantitative workflows.


SCIEX OS software powers up all targeted, non-targeted and suspect screening workflows analyzed with your SCIEX QTRAP, ZenoTOF, TripleTOF and X500 QTOF series instruments. Automated custom flagging and filtering tools enable rapid data review and real-time decision making. All with high levels of confidence.

Intabio ZT system

The Intabio ZT system couples icIEF separation and UV detection with high-resolution mass spectrometry on the ZenoTOF 7600 system. Experience one integrated workflow with a single, accessible dataset containing the required information to make the right decisions, fast.

Echo® MS+ system

Achieve the balance of unyielding data quality, speed and cost for high-throughput screening workflow with the Echo MS+ system.



Acquisition, control and quantification and qualification processing.

  • Acquisition
  • Network acquisition
  • Qualitative processing


Quantification and qualification processing.

  • Qualitative processing
  • Quantitative processing


Optimized quantification processing.

  • Quantitative processing
  • Mixed-mode security setting


Keeping up to date

SCIEX innovation is driven by customer needs and collaboration. Because of this, SCIEX will always improve and evolve its mass spectrometry software. Since the launch of SCIEX OS software in 2015, many advancements in testing capabilities, functionality and productivity have been incorporated.

Plus Legacy
Advance Assist

Software upgrades for eligible software


Software updates (includes point releases and hotfixes)


Access to premium Learning Hub and knowledge base content online


Priority access to remote software support (during business hours) via telephone and SCIEX Now


Discounted rates on selected software licenses and related software services


Discounted rates for validation and compliance services for easier upgrades

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Security is critical

Incorporate electronic audit trails, electronic signatures and detailed security configurations to support GxP and 21 CFR Part 11 regulations. SCIEX OS software offers the flexibility to tailor and deploy security policies that help you meet the requirements of your laboratory.

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Software downloads

Existing users of SCIEX OS software can download the latest updates here.

License activation

Follow this link to activate a new SCIEX OS software license.

SCIEX Innovation Advisory Board

Join an inclusive community that welcomes all voices and viewpoints. Help shape the future of innovation and science for everyone.

User manuals

The latest operating manuals are available here for your reference.


Here is a link to all the relevant end-user licence agreements for your version of SCIEX OS software.


Advantages of SCIEX OS software over Analyst software

"SCIEX OS software improved our workflow notably due to the helpful additional features and the ability to work with the LC-MS holistically in one software without having to jump in and out of programs."

Sarah-Jane Pierre

Senior Scientist - Toxicology // Australian Clinical Labs

01 / 05

"In new innovations, software is key, as the software enables the creation of results. Software that integrates data acquisition, processing, interrogation and reporting gives added value in terms of efficiency with which these results can be generated"

Lieve Dillen, Senior Principal Scientist

Assay Development and Analytical Support Development Bioanalysis Group Janssen R&D, Belgium

02 / 05

"We are very glad to have made the transition to SCIEX OS software for acquisition on our 6500+ system to come in line with our two 7500 systems. This has made training easier for the team as they have fewer software platforms to learn, which has made a significant improvement to our workflow. No more robocopy of data from the Analyst software file structure to the SCIEX OS software file structure for processing."

Sam Mallard, Senior Analytical Instrument Chemist

Australian Superintendence Company

03 / 05

"Moving forward, labs will need to consider the complexity of the science that they are using for their toxicology screening. Streamlined workflows and efficient software play an extremely important role in achieving that."

Alex Krotulski, Program Manager

NPS Discovery // CFSRE // Philadelphia // Pennsylvania // US

04 / 05

"It's a huge leap forward in innovation, just to make mass spec simpler and more accessible to people. SCIEX OS has enabled anyone to walk up to the system and run their intact mass samples."

Rachel Rowlinson

Specialist in Protein Mass Spectrometry // Peak Proteins, UK

05 / 05