The LC-MS Protect Plus plan

Continuous coverage for your brand-new LC-MS/MS system

The Protect Plus* plan is the ideal approach for securing the maintenance and repair of your new SCIEX mass spectrometer system when the warranty period ends. This plan, which is only available at the time of instrument purchase, helps ensure ongoing levels of high performance for your system and provides the support your organization needs. The Protect Plus plan enables a seamless transition at the end of your SCIEX warranty without any disruption to the maintenance and support of your instrument.

What’s covered in your LC-MS Protect Plus plan?

The Protect Plus plan includes:

  • On-site response within 2 business days for remedial repairs
  • Full coverage of the parts, labor and travel required for remedial repairs
  • One planned maintenance (PM) visit, including PM kits and a software health check, per contract year
  • Hardware, software and application telephone support during normal business hours
  • StatusScope remote monitoring service on compatible models
  • Full access to SCIEX Now online and premium online training courses
  • Upgrades to the latest software versions for all entitled SCIEX software§
  • A 30% discount on additional software licenses
  • A 25% discount for software validation services

Upgrade options

Additional options are available for upgrading your Protect Plus plan to enable comprehensive coverage, including: 

  • On-site response by the next business day†
  • Qualification services for your instrument, software and HPLC system
  • On-site application consulting, training and method development for research-only systems

Optimized results

Run your workflows smoothly and enable continuously high data quality with full software upgrades and workflow assistance.

Maximum uptime

Minimize interruptions to time-sensitive workflows with next-day delivery of parts and rapid response times so you can meet critical deadlines.

Reliable performance

Use your systems with confidence knowing that they are maintained with high-quality, SCIEX-approved parts and components. 


Stay within your budget and balance your total cost of instrument ownership with a simple, fixed annual fee.

Remote monitoring

The StatusScope remote monitoring service constantly monitors the vital signals, sensors and components of your system, alerts both you and SCIEX to any problems and initiates the process of issuing a fix.

Include your LC systems and peripheral devices

In addition to protecting your mass spectrometers and software with the Protect Plus plan, you can include your LC systems and peripheral devices through the LC Protect* and Peripheral Devices Protect* plans:

  • The LC Protect plan mitigates potential downtime for your SCIEX LC system so that it performs consistently and does not compromise or contaminate the samples you introduce or cause unexpected variations in injection volumes. 
  • The Peripheral Devices Protect plan provides coverage for gas generators, uninterruptable power supply systems and other crucial peripheral devices when they are impacting your LC-MS/MS system output and need attention.

Complete your coverage

Additional service and support plans are available, along with fixed-price, pay-as-you-go services for preventative maintenance, repair and workflow support. Please contact your SCIEX service representative for details.

* Available only at the time of instrument purchase from SCIEX.
† Location restrictions apply. Contact your local service and support representative for details.
‡ See for a list of compatible instruments.
§ The Protect Plus plan covers all software shipped with the instrument: For Analyst software-based systems, 1 Analyst software acquisition license, 1 Analyst software processing license and 1 MultiQuant software license are included. For SCIEX OS software-based systems, 1 SCIEX OS software license is included. 1 Analyst TF software acquisition license, 1 Analyst TF software processing license, 2 PeakView software licenses, 1 MultiQuant software license, 1 MasterView software license, 1 LibraryView software license and licenses for MS/MSALL with the SWATH DIA microapp for SCIEX QTOF instruments are included.

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