Laboratory Optimization Services Helps Make Your Labs Even More Productive

Unlock Your Lab’s Hidden Productivity

If you’re managing an analytical laboratory, you know how challenging it can be to deal with:

  • Increasing number of samples
  • Meeting tight deadlines
  • Delivering high quality data on time
  • Coping with high staff turnover

If only there were a way to identify and eliminate unproductive activity to increase your throughput, reduce your costs and improve quality.

There is indeed. The productive potential of your lab is lurking behind today’s processes and practices.

Uniquely Qualified and Experienced

SCIEX runs its business and its labs the same way it helps customers improve their workflows. Each member of our Lab Optimization Services team has over 15 years of experience in analytical labs and working with complex workflows to enable Lean processing in:

  • Pharma and CRO labs
  • Food and Environmental Testing labs
  • Forensics labs
  • Clinical Toxicology labs

With the SCIEX Laboratory Optimization Services, you can be confident you achieve:

Take Your Lab to the Next Level in as Little as Six Weeks

Our team has been able to re-engineer our analytical workflow and merge three methods into one, reducing our total run time from 90 to 30 minutes.

We anticipate the following results:

  • Productivity increase of 30-50%
  • Labor time decrease of 30%
  • Annual savings of 25 labor days and $3,000 in solvents

Analytik Institut Rietzler, Germany

Our labs were able to implement cost saving enhancements in material and labor, improve result accuracy, and enhance routine maintenance procedures.

We anticipate the following results:

  • Method optimization and column maintenance resulted in annual materials savings of $40K
  • Customized training enabled annual time savings of 85 days

Clinical Testing Lab, California

This program is particularly valuable for labs willing to get a better understanding of the overall LC-MS workflow and software functionality. The SCIEX consultant shared with us best practices that enabled us to.

  • Save ~10% of the time that we need to calculate a batch
  • Save about 5-10 minutes per batch

Contract Testing Lab, Poland

*SCIEX does not provide, decvelop or optimize methods or assays used for clinical diagnostics.

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Unless otherwise noted in our product literature, SCIEX products are For Research Use Only. Not for use in Diagnostics Procedures. For more information contact your local sales representative or refer to