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SCIEX is your partner in crime

Forensic scientists understand the forensic analysis arena is a moving target that mass spectrometry can hit. To detect and accurately identify relevant compounds in critical samples requires ultimate confidence. Increases in violence, terrorism, and government intervention mean the type, size, and number of samples arriving in your laboratory can vary. Therefore, an up-to-date forensics infrastructure which manages the demands of high-volume throughput without compromising on accuracy is vital to the competitiveness of any of the following labs: Anti-doping, WADA, crime, drug screening, academic research, or homeland security.

To achieve these goals and remain in compliance with regulatory bodies, a full suite of forensic technologies spanning the following is integral:

  • Evidence collection
  • Sample Preservation
  • Sample Processing
  • Testing: Identification and quantification
  • Data Analysis and Interpretation

SCIEX offers a comprehensive forensic analysis solution for anti-doping and forensic toxicology which are easy to incorporate into existing laboratory operations. These criminalistics deliver fast and highly accurate data across a multitude of compounds and biomarkers, from the well-known, to new and novel. By accurately detecting and quantifying even the smallest compound angles, these solutions from SCIEX help ensure the integrity of your results in an industry that never stays constant.

The Benefits are All Positive:

  • The correct result: first time and every time
  • Maintain laboratory effciency
  • Remain compliant with regulatory bodies
  • Stay up to date with forensic instrumentation
  • Maximize laboratory uptime
  • Easily incorporate new technology into your infrastructure
  • Analysis to detailed analyte investigations, the QTRAP system goes beyond your expectations

X500R QTOF System

This QTOF mass spectrometer is uniquely engineered to be versatile enough to handle the demands of a high-throughput laboratory. Incorporating the robustness of the Turbo V™ Ion Source along with MRMHR, the X500R QTOF System can quantify drugs and other forensic analytes in complex matrices without compromise.

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GO BEYOND – SCIEX Triple Quad™ 7500 LC-MS/MS System – QTRAP® Ready

Find out how the newest innovation can enhance your forensic applications.
Start detecting the previously undetectable novel psychoactive substances. Quantify at lower levels with higher sensitivity and precision. Expand your forensic laboratory to test complex and challenging samples and matrices.

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Discover These Forensics Solutions from SCIEX

SCIEX Forensic Resource Hub

Discover our innovative mass spectrometry solutions. Everything from detection and quantification of forensic compounds with nominal mass instruments, to detecting and identifying the unknown with an accurate mass approach.

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SCIEX is your partner in crime: Designer solutions for designer drug analysis

Novel psychoactive substances (NPS) flood the market every day. There is an urgent need to detect, identify, and quantify a range of complex chemical analytes. Discover which approach is best for your current and future forensic needs.

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Forensic Libraries

High-resolution MS/MS spectral libraries and nominal mass QTRAP® libraries are the fastest way to analyze large batches of MS/MS data for accurate compound detection and identification.

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Enhance your forensic workflow, and take it to the next level with QTRAP technology. With features such as MRM3, independent data acquisition (IDA) and enhanced product ion (EPI), QTRAP will help you discover functionalities in a mass spectrometer you have never seen before.

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Accurate Mass in 2 minutes

Designed for high-throughput forensic testing labs, the X500R QTOF System delivers performance to simplify screening and quantification of unknowns in complex samples. The X500R accurate mass workflow helps ensure a seamless implementation for your lab. SWATH® Technology gives you confidence that nothing is missed.

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Educational Resources

SCIEX provides this unique knowledge hub for mass spectrometry, related liquid chromatography technologies, and everything else associated with forensic applications. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned forensics expert, come discover the resources we offer and tailor them to your needs.

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