High-performance liquid chromatography

SCIEX high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) systems are your go-to solution for physically separating samples before they enter your mass spectrometer. You can access an entire range of separation technologies, including analytical flow, microflow and nanoflow LC-MS as well as ultra-low flow CESI-MS.

A history of innovation in mass spectrometry separations
Our history in mass spectrometry separation began with the development of the first commercially available atmospheric pressure ionization (API) instrument in 1990. Twenty years later SCIEX acquired the liquid chromatography capabilities of Eksigent Technologies, and in 2014, Beckman Coulter’s capillary electrophoresis systems were added to the SCIEX portfolio.

The right data comes from the right front end

Analytical flow LC-MS

ExionLC 2.0 systems are precision analytical flow LC-MS systems that deliver the reproducibility, reliability and carryover performance your workflow demands, injection to injection, batch after batch.

Microflow LC-MS

The M5 MicroLC system is an innovative system designed for rapid microflow HPLC. Save solvents and reduce your total cost of ownership.

Nanoflow LC-MS

The NanoLC 400 series offers the widest flow rate range of any SCIEX nanoflow LC-MS system, enabling a diverse collection of workflows on a single HPLC MS instrument.

Ultra-low flow CESI-MS

With the CESI 8000 Plus system, you can effectively integrate high-efficiency capillary electrophoresis (CE) and electrospray ionization (ESI) into a single dynamic process within the same device.

Analytical flow LC-MS Microflow LC-MS Nanoflow LC-MS Ultra-low flow CESI-MS
Sample types
A wide range of analytes Small molecules
Intact proteins
Monoclonal antibodies
Proteins Charged and polar analytes
Intact proteins
Isobaric species
Monoclonal antibodies
Main application areas
Food and beverage testing
Forensics testing
Life science research
Pharma and biopharma
Discovery proteomics
Industrialized proteomics
Biopharma characterization