iCIEF-MS Technology

iCIEF-MS technology

Fast track characterization of multiple attributes of intact proteins

Accelerate your biotherapeutic development by directly coupling iCIEF (imaged capillary isoelectric focusing) charge variant analysis with high-resolution mass spectrometry detection for intact proteins.

The Intabio microfluidic, chip-based, integrated iCIEF-MS system enables the identification of post-translational modifications including glycosylation and change variants that can impact the safety and efficacy of biotherapeutic drugs.

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How It Works

Patented microfluidic chip-based technology makes it all possible

The IntaBio system’s proprietary microfluidic chip is the driving technology enabling iCIEF-MS analysis of intact biologics. The microfluidic chip in the IntaBio system will separate charge variants by capillary isoelectric focusing, enable UV quantification and perform electrospray ionization (ESI) directly into a mass spectrometer for further mass analysis, all with the use of MS compatible reagents.

Once focusing is complete, an electrolyte is introduced via a side channel to re-ionize the charge variants and the electric field is re-oriented to initiate the mobilization of the peaks toward the electrospray “ESI” tip. This novel mobilization process ensures that peak resolution is maintained until the ESI tip is reached. Near the ESI tip, a second channel introduces a mobilizer to enable ESI and ionization efficiency.


iCIEF-MS for every stage of bioproduction


Technical note

Rapid, comprehensive, high resolution charge variant characterization using the IntaBio iCIEF-MS system with SCIEX TripleTOF 6600+ and Protein Metrics Byos software

Technical note

Rapid and reproducible high-resolution charge variant analysis of adalimumab (mAb) using the IntaBio imaged CIEF-MS system

On-demand webinar

Rapid analysis of critical quality attributes of protein therapeutics using the IntaBio iCIEF-MS system