Food Safety Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Food safety analysis is crucial in providing absolute certainty that products are safe for consumers to eat. For food suppliers, food safety quality assurance is high priority as the risk of product recalls, or warnings can have a serious detrimental effect on business, brand and even bottom line. Before any food or beverage product enters supply, it is subjected to comprehensive screening and testing to ensure regulatory and process compliance.

Protecting Consumers Against Allergens and Cross Contamination
If a product is labelled as free from a particular ingredient, for example gluten or nuts, then a comprehensive and thorough analysis should be conducted on the finished product to ensure there is no trace of allergens that could have detrimental effects on the consumer.

Products may be subjected to interactions with external surfaces and materials, such as product wrappers, and the chemicals in these plastics could potentially migrate onto the food product. Mass spectrometry workflows can to detect and monitor such trace levels so that necessary actions can be made to the food and beverage handling process.

Quality Assurance and Control Testing for Regulatory Compliance
Rigorous quality assurance and quality control processes are implemented to supply safe food and beverage products to the consumer. Produce must adhere and be compliant with the national regulatory guidelines and limits, for example the United States has the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Europe has the Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and China has the Food and Drug Administration (CFDA). Each regulatory body require zero tolerance in the strict levels of consented contaminants allowed in a food product.

SCIEX offers a range of high-throughput LC-MS/MS solutions that deliver robust and accurate quality assurance and control testing, with reliable results that you can genuinely count upon.

Allergen Testing

Improve specificity for better accuracy in allergen identification, detect 12 key allergens in different types of matrices in a single analysis

Food Contact Materials

Migration testing for the detection and quantitation of low levels of unwanted chemicals in food and beverage samples

Food Ingredient Analysis

Screening and analysis of foods to understand naturally occurring and scientifically derived ingredients