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SCIEX methods for your application

vMethods provide a comprehensive solution for drug screening that includes sample preparation procedures for both human whole blood and urine, detailed LC conditions, MS/MS detection methods and robust data processing tailored to deliver concise and confident results.

iMethod applications are preconfigured methods for QTRAP and Triple Quad systems that are directly imported through Cliquid software and contain sample preparation conditions, LC-MS conditions, compound/analyte information, representative data, reagent order information, and specifications.

Starter methods are recommended starting method conditions, including recommended sample prep, LC, and MS conditions, and details for applicable MS/MS library databases for key application areas.

Food & beverage testing
iMethod application for acrylamide version 1.0 for Cliquid software
iMethod application for allergens in baked goods version 1.0 for Cliquid software
Antibiotic analysis in food
iMethod application for antibiotic screening version 1.3 for Cliquid software
iMethod application for screening veterinary drugs version 1.4 Cliquid software
iMethod application fluoroquinolone antibiotics version 1.0 for Cliquid software
iMethod application for chloramphenicol version 1.3 for Cliquid software
iMethod application for nitrofuran metabolites Version 1.1 for Cliquid software
iMethod application for penicillin antibiotics using online SPE for Cliquid software (partner contributed)
iMethod application for sulphonamide antibiotics using online SPE for Cliquid software (partner contributed)
iMethod application for tetracycline antibiotics using manual SPE for Cliquid software (partner contributed)
Pesticide and potency testing for the cannabis industry
vMethod application for cannabis & metabolites in human whole blood testing 1.0
iMethod application for azo and sudan dyes Version 1.1 for Cliquid software
iMethod application for malachite green version 1.0 for Cliquid software
iMethod application for melamine and cyanuric acid in milk products version 1.0 for Cliquid software
iMethod application for melamine and cyanuric acid in pet foods version 1.0 for Cliquid software
Mycotoxin Analysis in Food
iMethod application for mycotoxin screening version 1.2 for Cliquid software
iMethod mycotoxin LC-MS/MS library version 1.1 for Cliquid software
iMethod application for aflatoxins for Cliquid software (partner contributed)
Pesticide analysis in food
iMethod application for pesticide screening version 2.4 for Cliquid software
iMethod application pesticide LC-MS/MS library version 1.1 for Cliquid software
vMethod application for quantitation of pesticide residues and cannabinoids in cannabis matrices 1.0
iMethod application for carbamates for Cliquid software (partner contributed)