LC-MS/MS Solutions to Meet Your Food Compliance Goals

End to End Food Testing Solutions

The success and growth of your food testing lab depends on versatile mass spectrometry and capillary electrophoresis solutions that can manage whatever comes your way. From residue analysis and authenticity to food safety, cannabinoids, and quality control (QC), having the right instrumentation in place can make a difference to your bottom-line. However, how do you protect the brand of your food testing lab and keep up with today’s global food safety standards?

Targeted and Non-Targeted Food Analysis You Can Count On
LC-MS/MS and CE technology gives you the edge you need to better respond to a higher and varying demand for analysis. Because when you have the highest caliber technology not only can you perform targeted screening, but find formerly unknown residues using rugged methods, stable instrumentation and rapid method to method conversion. Better separations mean more robust methods and more robust methods mean higher sample throughput.

SCIEX food testing solutions will help you meet maximum residue limits (MRLs) with high-quality data you know is right every time. Plus, your lab can experience greater market diversity. Whether you are a commercial lab or a food manufacturer, the quality of the food testing data you acquire is vital to your business.

Food Testing for Residue Analysis

Enhance your quantitative and qualitative performance. Weed out those harmful chemical residues and contaminants from your food samples using instruments and applications you can count on.

Food Safety Quality Assurance and Quality Control Analysis

Meet the rigorous demands of the modern QA/QC food testing laboratory. Prepare now for the future of ever-changing regulations.

Food Authenticity Testing

The authenticity of food products such as alcohol, fruit juice, meat, olive oil, spices and more is crucial to consumer confidence and brand protection—and so is the accuracy and speed of your lab’s testing results.

Non-Targeted Screening for Food Analysis

Detect and confirm unknown contaminants. Also perform a full scan of all chemicals in your sample, not just those in your analytical suite.

Cannabis Laboratory Testing

When it comes to cannabis testing, labs can often face technical difficulties in an uncertain regulatory environment Overcome the challenges of cannabis testing with complete analytical solutions.

Foodomics: Large Scale Omics Profiling from Field to Fork and Beyond

Get a better understanding of the composition of food compounds and how they affect human health with the help of advanced MS-based metabolic profiling methods.

Solutions to Fit Your Food Testing Requirements

Advantages of the SCIEX QTRAP Systems

Confirm compounds and increase food specificity using unique SCIEX scan functions including MS3(MS/MS/MS) and MRM3.

Advantages of the X500R QTOF System

Analyze with high-specificity using high-resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS) and don’t miss anything using SWATH® Acquisition technology.

Powerful Workflows Using Advanced Software Solutions

Interpret information rich acquisitions using efficient, straightforward, and intuitive software platforms.