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Get Ahead: Transform Your Clinical Diagnostics Lab with IVD LC-MS/MS

A mass spectrometer (MS) system is an analytical technique that enables the detection of an ionized target molecule, the analyte, as well as the measurement of its mass. Due to its inherent sensitivity and selectivity, liquid chromatography with triple quadrupole tandem mass spectral detection (LC-MS/MS) is considered the most advanced method for quantifying compounds in complex biological matrices such as plasma, serum, urine and oral fluid.

A New Day for LC-MS/MS in the Clinical Laboratory
Adoption of LC-MS/MS into the routine clinical laboratory has been relatively slow due to its cost, complexity and instrument footprint. But, times have changed, and technological advancements have resulted in affordable benchtop instruments with software that makes the systems extremely user-friendly, even for novice users. At SCIEX, we pride ourselves on doing just that. Browse through our library of content categorized based on your focus area.