ExionLC AE system

Reproducibility, reliability and carryover performance to match your quantitative workflows. Dependability you can count on, from injection to injection and batch after batch.


The ExionLC AE system is a high-performance LC system that marries precision and speed to match the challenges of your laboratory. Benefit from seamless integration with your preferred SCIEX mass spectrometer and take advantage of the renowned service and application support from SCIEX. ​





ExionLC AE system

Leading with precision and quantitative performance

With reproducibility and reliability at your fingertips, you will benefit from the low carryover and quantitative performance offered by the ExionLC AE system. These systems were custom-selected and are highly configurable in a slim, space-saving design that will instantly feel familiar to set up and run. ​


Optimal performance, ultimate flexibility

The ExionLC AE system delivers the precision and reliability you need

Covering a wide range of quantitative applications, the ExionLC AE will quickly become your trusted LC system.​

The ExionLC AE multiplatesampler offers you scalability​

Chose the multiplatesampler for higher throughput needs to double your sample capacity over the standard ExionLC AE system.

Key system features 
Allowable maximum pressure15,200 PSI (1048 bar)
Flow rate range0.0001–3.0000 mL/min (145–15,200 PSI)​
3.0001–5.0000 mL/min (145–11,600 PSI)​
5.0001–10.0000 mL/min (145–3,190 PSI)​
Injection cycle timeInjection cycle time (standard autosampler): ≤ 6.7s
Injection cycle time (Multiplatesampler): ≤ 14s
Integrated degasser5 channels
Column ovenUp to 6 columns with 250 mm length
Up to 3 columns with 300 mm length
Gradient modeHigh-pressure gradient (2 or 3 solvents), or​ quaternary low-pressure gradient​
Carryover performance≤ 0.0015% (without rinse)
​< 0.0003% (with rinse, typical usage)
Detector optionsUV-VIS detector​
Photodiode array detector
Sample capacity3 plates standard ​
Up to 6 plates with the multiplatesampler
Injection volume0.1 to 50 μL (standard) or 0.1 to 2000 μL (optional)

Reproducibility and precision

Reproducibility, day after day

Providing excellent stability, you can rely on the ExionLC AE to deliver reproducible, accurate results, day after day.

  • Flow rate precision of ≤ 0.06% RSD within flow rate range of 0.1 µL/min to 10 µL/min
  • Parallel-type double plunger for low pulsation and stable baseline

Injection precision and linearity

Functionality that feels instantly familiar and will deliver precise and repeatable results, every day.

  • Flexible injection volumes from 0.1 to 50 µL
  • Injection cycle times of ≤ 7 s offer speed and fast sample throughput for a variety of sampling needs

Reproducibility and precision

Seamless integration with SCIEX OS software

These systems are fully integrated into SCIEX OS software. With simple-to-use, direct control access and real-time readbacks for each module, you always know what the system is doing. Solvent-level monitoring helps ensure that you never run out of solvent and avoids wasting precious samples. Easy batch set up, method processing and customizable flagging rules in SCIEX OS software enable a fully automated workflow from acquisition to processing.



Mass spectrometer compatibility
SCIEX Triple Quad and QTRAP systems: 4500 series systems, 6500+ series systems, SCIEX 5500+ system and SCIEX 7500 system
QTOF systems: X500 series QTOF systems and the ZenoTOF 7600 system

LC expertise

With over 50 years of experience supporting multi-vendor LC systems, our SCIEX customer support network has a wealth of expertise and troubleshooting experience. Our network of specialists has deep knowledge across our whole portfolio and our end-to-end solutions.

ExionLC AE systems offer many benefits to your lab, including:

    • Quick to learn and maintain

    • Straightforward and familiar LC operation

    • Seamless SCIEX OS software integration

    • Maximum uptime and enhanced productivity

    • Fully supported by the SCIEX service team

    • Broad suite of applications

    • Product lifecycle support

    • Flexible configurations to suit your lab’s changing needs

    • Economic solution to maximize return on your investment​


    • Manage your instruments

    • Submit and manage support cases, track status
       and history

    • Access online training courses and articles

    • Manage software licenses linked to your
       registered instruments

    • View and report critical instrument statistics when
       connected to StatusScope remote monitoring

    • Be a part of the SCIEX community by submitting
       questions and comments

    • Receive notifications from SCIEX with content
       based on your preferences

    • Built on a legacy of high performance

    • SCIEX Now Learning Hub Success Programs
       provide LC-MS and CE training customized to
       meet your exact needs