LC-MS Service and Support Plans

Responsiveness to Keep Your Workflow Running. Flexibility to Meet Your Budget

SCIEX LC-MS Service and Support Plans help keep your instruments peforming at their peak, with multiple options for response time, repair coverage and maintenance. You've invested in a SCIEX mass spec; why trust its service to anyone but the experts?

Selected Plans for Current SCIEX Users

The table below shows the major options for the service and support of your current SCIEX mass spec. If you are purchasing a new SCIEX instrument consider the Protect Suite of service and support contracts, only available at the time of your purchase.

Feature Assurance Maintenance Remote Software Plus
Software Legacy
On-Site Workflow Support and Troubleshooting        
Instant Workflow Phone and Online Support (during normal business hours)    
Guaranteed On Site Response Time for Repairs 48 hrs 72 hrs Prioritized    
Planned Maintenance      
OEM Parts Used for Repair Full Coverage 10% Discount 10% Discount    
Labor Full Coverage 10% Discount      
Travel Full Coverage 10% Discount      
Data Acquisition Workstation        
StatusScope®  Remote Monitoring    
Software Phone and Online Support       Prioritized for Starter Pack Only Prioritized for Starter Pack Only
Software Upgrades       Starter Pack Only  
Software Updates       Starter Pack Only
Discounted Fixed Price Services     Validation Service Only  Validation Service Only 
Learning Hub Online Premium Content Basic Access Basic Access Premium Content Premium Content
Knowledge Base Content Online Premium Content Basic Access Basic Access         Premium Content Premium Content
Discounted Rates on Selected Software Licences and Related Software Services      

Other service and support plans are available, as well as fixed-price, pay-as-you-go services for preventative maintenance, repair and workflow support. Please contact your SCIEX Service Representative for details.

Explore SCIEX Service

Software Support Plans

Future-proof your workflow by keeping your software current, so you get the best possible performance out of your SCIEX instruments.

Clinical Service Plan

The LC-MS hardware plan supported by certified medical device professionals to support clinical diagnostic laboratories.

Essential LC-MS Performance Kits

Test your whole LC-MS system's performance under analytical conditions similar to your daily worklow.

Unless otherwise noted in our product literature, SCIEX products are For Research Use Only. Not for use in Diagnostics Procedures. For more information contact your local sales representative or refer to