Pharma & biopharma solutions to help you to create the pipeline of tomorrow

Drug discovery and development is a costly and difficult process. Having the right information available to you at every stage in the pipeline is vital to bring safe and effective therapies to market.

Whether you want to optimize your labs current capabilities or scale-up to meet your future demands, SCIEX aims to make you more productive with end-to-end CE and LC-MS solutions.

With SCIEX instruments and software you benefit from high levels of sensitivity and dynamic range. This makes even the most complex workflows easier and more efficient, while delivering you the utmost in data quality.

SCIEX is here to help. Whether it's to repair your instrument, assist with your workflows, or help you maximize productivity in your lab – we’ve got you covered.

Transforming your development pipeline capacity and capability

We offer a highly rich suite of tools to transform your best biological and chemical insights into testable systems.

Small molecule therapies

Small molecule drug discovery and development is an exhaustive process. SCIEX provides you with the tools your labs needs to be productive and achieve accurate, reproducible results to make the right decisions.

Protein therapies

While therapeutic proteins are fantastically capable in addressing human diseases, they are also fantastically complex molecules. SCIEX offers a full suite of solutions for characterizing and quantifying your protein therapeutic at every stage of the pipeline.

Gene therapies

Easily analyze viral vectors and nucleic acids with robust SCIEX solutions. You can observe changes in process development and easily asses final product quality by monitoring multiple attributes on a single system.