Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometers (LC-MS)

Bringing LC-MS/MS research into the future

SCIEX mass spectrometers are at the forefront of quantitative and qualitative analyses, and deliver the speed and sensitivity that ensures your results are the best they can be.

Are you ready to break new ground? Gaining accurate results is critical to your success and capturing the best data possible is where it starts. Make every decision you make the right one.

Our QTRAP® Technology line enables powerful workflows, delivering ten unique scan functions for higher confidence identification and reliable quantitation. The X500 QTOF series are the first accurate mass systems that can deliver true qualitative and quantitative results in a single injection, and coupled with SWATH® Acquisition software, can lift your lab to new heights whether you’re performing routine testing or more advanced analyses. Our Triple Quad mass spectrometers revolutionize quantitation with higher sensitivity, speed, and performance, from low mass to high mass compounds, in positive or negative polarity and in a single injection.

And that’s just the beginning. We continue to invest in groundbreaking technologies, perpetually innovating efficiency, automation, usability, and optimized workflows for liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry. Learn more about SCIEX mass spectrometers below, let us help you see the future differently.

QTOF mass spectrometers for increased productivity

Industry-leading full scan, accurate mass QTOF technology. Choose from space-saving benchtop mass specs for routine, high throughput and resolution workflows to TripleTOF instruments for more complex quantitative and qualitative analyses.


Significantly bolster your confidence in your mass spec data. QTRAP technology is a triple quad system like no other, with all the performance of a triple quad but added functionality to overcome matrix interferences, increase screening throughput, and more.

SCIEX Triple Quad™ LC-MS/MS Systems

The highest levels of selectivity and sensitivity for targeted MRM (multiple reaction monitoring) LC-MS/MS analysis

TOF/TOF Systems

Fast and sensitive MALDI TOF/TOF analysis for protein ID, tissue imaging and surface profiling, and more