At SCIEX, we view sustainability as a fundamental responsibility and strategic priority that touches every aspect of our business.

For us, sustainability means a commitment to considering the long-term interests of our associates, customers, shareholders, business partners, communities and planet in everything we do. Our sustainability strategy is to help generations of stakeholders Realize Life's Potential by:


Innovating products that improve lives and our planet


Building the best team


Protecting our environment

These three pillars of our sustainability strategy are underpinned by a foundation of integrity, compliance and sound governance, which we refer to as the Foundational Elements of our sustainability program.

As a Danaher operating company, we align with Danaher’s Sustainability Policy and Sustainable Supply Chain Policy. We also support Danaher’s sustainability goals, including:

  • Reducing absolute Scope 1 & 2 GHG emissions by 50.4% by 2032 (vs. 2021)
  • Reducing the percentage of non-hazardous/non-regulated waste sent to landfills or incineration by 15% by 2024

Learn more about Danaher’s sustainability strategy, policies, and download the annual sustainability report.

Protecting our environment

We aim to reduce the environmental impact of our operations by increasing energy efficiency, deploying renewable energy systems and minimizing waste through circular waste models that reuse resources indefinitely. Through thoughtful sustainability initiatives across global manufacturing, R&D and service operations, we are taking the following actions:

Energy savings

Since 2020, SCIEX has steadily reduced energy consumption at its research and development site in Canada and its manufacturing plant in Singapore. By transitioning to LED lights and upgrading to more energy efficient HVAC units, SCIEX is doing its part to support Danaher’s ambitious greenhouse gas emissions reduction goal.

Waste reduction

Since 2019, SCIEX has achieved a 75% reduction in total landfill waste (including non-hazardous waste). We also diverted more recyclable materials from landfill. These efforts are important contributions toward Danaher’s collective waste reduction goal.

Greenhouse gas emissions reduction

Converting our fleet vehicles to hybrid and full electric vehicles (and encouraging the use of alternative modes of transportation!) has been an obvious opportunity for SCIEX to reduce our carbon footprint. To date, SCIEX has converted 14.8% of our fleet hybrid electric and 9.6% of our fleet has been converted to full electric vehicles. And as the world’s electric vehicle infrastructure expands, so will our efforts.

Helping our customers reduce their environmental impact

At SCIEX, we continuously work to fulfill our customers’ needs. All SCIEX instrumentation balances world-leading performance with minimizing environmental impact. We consider aspects such as power-consumption, solvent usage, shipping impact, packaging waste and recyclability when developing future products.

To that end, our latest generation of Mass Spectrometers feature electronics componentry with a power efficiency of 90% compared to their predecessors at 75%. Our instrument packaging increasingly uses cardboard and other recyclable or reusable materials with minimal use of one-time fasteners, strapping and redundant containers. And our refurbishment and “service certified” programs help prolong the life of traded-in instruments, minimizing scrap.


Joe Fox, President, SCIEX

“Stewardship of the environment is core to our overall sustainability strategy, and we recognize the need to take swift action to address climate change. With the Danaher Business System as our driving force, we’re making notable progress to reduce the environmental footprint of our operations and our products.”

Christian Sauber, VP Sales and Customer Service & GM, EMEAI, SCIEX

“At SCIEX, we believe that sustainability is not just a buzzword, but a fundamental aspect of our business strategy. Nurturing a sustainability-oriented culture is not just a responsibility but an opportunity for our company to embrace eco-friendly measures. By incorporating sustainability practices such as energy saving in our offices, reducing our CO2 footprint for our car fleet by going electric, and designing sustainable marketing giveaways, we can increase operational efficiency and foster innovation. Let us all commit to taking action today and continue to progress towards a sustainable future!”

Yasmin Raja, Sales Director, Nordics

“Sustainability is a very broad but urgent topic. From carbon footprint to the ‘S’ in ESG – including Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – I can see that we have these topics on our radar, we are creating awareness, and we are building plans and executing on those plans. Let’s keep moving forward.”

Dan Parnaby, Sales Manager, UK

“When it came to choosing my new company car, I was delighted to see that SCIEX updated the options to include various brands and models of electric cars and would invest in an electric charging point to be installed at my home. By the end of 2023, my entire team will be driving fully electric, zero-emission cars.”

Dan Leigh, Support Manager, UK

“Often when thinking about sustainability the tendency is to go for the ‘big’ ideas such as swapping to electric cars or reducing energy usage by moving to dry pumps for the MS systems. They’re all great ideas and happening already, but in the UK labs and office we also try to incorporate smaller positive changes and make them part of our everyday routine. Taken individually, these may be small changes, but together they are rapidly helping ensure our long-term sustainability.”