QTOF mass spectrometers for increased productivity

Meet the needs of your lab with quadrupole time-of-flight technology designed by our experts in mass spectrometry innovation and engineering

Boost performance and productivity in your lab with quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry systems for qualitative and quantitative analysis. Whether you need the most comprehensive coverage and workflow flexibility to take on new projects or a simplified and easy-to-use system for routine testing analyses, the SCIEX QTOF portfolio delivers unmatched speed, robustness, and accuracy for the assays you need to run today and tomorrow.


TripleTOF® mass spectrometer systems

Turn up the volume in your research with TripleTOF mass spectrometry systems. Ideal for academia and biopharma studies, the TripleTOF systems from SCIEX are a stand out in today’s mass spectrometry market due to their high-resolution, sensitivity, linear dynamic range and ultimate workflow flexibility. This high-performance accurate mass spec solution offers a combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis and advanced workflow capabilities.

X500 QTOF mass spectrometer systems

The X-series QTOF systems are your go-to benchtop systems for simplified, high-throughput data acquisition and processing for standardized analyses. The X500B QTOF System is purpose built for standard biotherapeutic characterization analyses while the X500R QTOF System offers robust qualitative and quantitative performance for food, environmental and forensic workflows, or for metabolomic analysis.

Innovative technology to boost lab productivity

Learn what makes SCIEX high resolution accurate mass QTOF systems tick. Discover the details of the design of the hardware, software and workflows that deliver more productivity and better data for your lab.