QTOF systems

Unambiguous qualitative and quantitative insights

When you need to characterize large molecules or complex mixtures to advance the development of next generation biotherapeutics or the discovery of disease biomarkers, you need instrumentation with a broad range of analytical tools that can deliver unambiguous insights. SCIEX QTOF mass spectrometers are purpose-built for real-world problem solving, enabling you to use a range of quantitative and qualitative approaches to unlock new information that can be used to realize the true potential of your research.

ZenoTOF 7600 system

Our fastest, most comprehensively-equipped qualitative and quantitative LC-MS/MS system. Our proprietary Zeno trap technology enhances MS/MS sensitivity, boosting the MS/MS- especially for low abundant species, while maximizing sequence coverage for biotherapeutics. EAD fragmentation generates information-rich spectra using tunable electron-based fragmentation, allowing you to access new information on lipids, post-translational modifications and hard to fragment compounds. Coupled with comprehensive data independent acquisition using Zeno SWATH DIA, the ZenoTOF 7600 system is ideal for labs doing translational biomarker research, proteomics, metabolomics and both small and large molecule drug development.

X500 family

The X500 family are purpose-built to be versatile workhorses for quantitative and qualitative accurate mass systems. The X500R system delivers simple and intuitive accurate mass workflows for a variety of applications including unknown screening, high-specificity quantitation and data independent acquisition (DIA). Ideal for labs that need to rapidly identify and quantify large panels of compounds, and core labs that require a versatile set of accurate mass tools.

Meanwhile the X500B is engineered for optimized characterization of biotherapeutics. When coupled with Biologics Explorer software, the X500B QTOF provides comprehensive structural characterization of monoclonal antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates and other protein-based therapies, using a variety of approaches such as intact mass analysis, peptide mapping and multi-attribute methodology. Ideal for pharmaceutical, CRO and biotech labs developing potential biotherapeutics who need a reliable, intuitive characterization platform.

QTOF technology

Read about the technology behind the scenes that allows you to fully characterize known compounds and identify unknowns with unprecedented speed and unique fragmentation techniques. QTOF technology delivers high acquisition speeds with virtually unlimited acquisition mass range, and without sacrificing instrument resolution. Unlike trapping instrument architecture, where resolution is directly impacted by scan speed, QTOF mass spectrometers are also unbiased and give complete coverage.

SCIEX OS software

The integrated software platform solution for all SCIEX innovations; SCIEX OS software delivers data integrity, seamless usability and efficiency gains for your mass spectrometry workflows throughout your laboratory. Built on advanced and sophisticated algorithms, SCIEX OS software facilitates instrument control and automated data processing, simplifying your workflows and empowering swift, well-informed decision-making.

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