Lab compliance services

SCIEX is the right partner to choose for a compliant mass spectrometry lab.


Achieving compliance in a regulated analytical laboratory is a complex, time-consuming and costly journey that takes you away from the day-to-day operations of your lab. SCIEX offers compliance solutions that help ensure your lab produces quality data without delaying your projects. From start to finish, our team of compliance experts will guide you through the complete process.

The benefits of integrated compliance services for your mass spectrometry lab


Integrating instruments and information systems allows your lab to run more smoothly and efficiently. Your personnel will spend less time moving files and more time on their work.


Reduce your startup costs and decrease the time for returns on your technology investment. By improving laboratory efficiency and productivity, we can help lower your ongoing operating costs.


Get advice from experts on SCIEX instruments, software, and systems, who have in-depth knowledge of global regulatory compliance standards, including US FDA 21 CFR Part 11, GLP, and GMP guidelines.

Best practices

We constantly update our knowledge of industry best practices and stay aware of changes in regulations.

Lab compliance consultancy portfolio

SCIEX compliance products can provide customers with a complete system (LC, MS, software, LC-MS) solution that can minimize regulatory risk at a fixed predicable cost that reduces their need for inhouse expertise in the complicated world of regulatory compliance. Each product deliverable is completed using standard good document practices, is audit ready, helps removes the worry about regulatory compliance and incrementally increases the confidence a customer will have in their data quality.