QTRAP LC-MS/MS systems

Powerful quantification and confirmation of low abundance analytes

SCIEX triple quadrupole linear ion traps, these QTRAP mass spectrometers are based on the proven, accurate quantitation capabilities of SCIEX Triple Quad systems, but with enhanced scan functions to enable simultaneous quantitation and confirmation.

Additional MS scans, only attainable using the SCIEX QTRAP system, can deliver new and exciting discoveries for identification, characterization and quantification of your samples. From high-throughput analysis to detailed analyte investigations, the QTRAP system gives you the ability to both quantify and find unknowns in your sample, without any sacrifice to sensitivity. SCIEX offers a wide portfolio of QTRAP systems to meet your specific lab requirements and budget, explore what QTRAP can do for you.

SCIEX 7500+ Triple Quad system – QTRAP ready

Setting a new standard for instrument resilience, the SCIEX 7500+ is also QTRAP ready. Push quantitation levels through matrix interferences and combine sensitive and fast MRM analysis with qualitative insights simultaneously.

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SCIEX Triple Quad 7500 system – QTRAP ready

The SCIEX 7500 system delivers the highest level of sensitivity than previous SCIEX systems. The system is integrated with innovative technology, which enables a low-level of quantification of analytes in crude and complex matrices.

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QTRAP 6500+ system

The SCIEX QTRAP 6500+  system offers revolutionary sensitivity, speed, and performance for your most challenging methods. Enable scan functions that can identify, quantify, and characterize all at once. 

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SCIEX Triple Quad 5500+ system – QTRAP ready

Can’t pick between a Triple Quad and QTRAP? Now you don’t have to choose with the SCIEX Triple Quad 5500+ system you can activate QTRAP functionality.

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QTRAP 4500 system

The QTRAP 4500 System offers reliable quantitation and library searching - with 100X more full-scan sensitivity over basic triple quads in the same class.

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