Clinical mass spectrometry service plans

When time to result is critical

Fast, accurate results are critical in clinical laboratories, and avoiding system downtime is essential. The SCIEX Clinical Service plan helps ensure that your systems are always running at the highest levels of performance with optimal sensitivity and that your results are reliable.

Specialized medical device service plans

Our specialized medical device engineers understand the challenges you and your lab face. To help you succeed, SCIEX service professionals follow a 4-step medical device training program, and they are certified (and re-certified every 2 years) on SCIEX in vitro diagnostic instruments and all major HPLC systems.

Our specialized team of engineers work with you to ensure that:  

  • Your system is always running at optimal performance and productivity levels
  • If your system does go down, a direct priority response is guaranteed
  • Regular, proactive maintenance is performed to prevent issues
  • Replacement parts are genuine SCIEX-approved parts that have been tested for performance
  • Your cost of instrument ownership and cost per sample is optimized through guidance and support that keeps you operational

What you can expect with a SCIEX Clinical Service plan

Guaranteed response time

  • Telephone response within 2 hours (during business hours) by an on-call field service employee
  • On-site response within 2 business days by a SCIEX-certified medical device service professional

Issue resolution

  • All diagnosis, troubleshooting, repair and resolution activities needed to resolve the issue
  • Coverage of costs associated with labor, travel and accommodations required to resolve the issue
  • All approved SCIEX original parts, including all vacuum pumps and detectors, required to resolve the issue

Unlimited support

  • Phone support for your application, system and software
  • Software security configuration
  • Performance and functionality testing
  • System function tests after repairs
  • Enhanced reports documenting repairs and system performance

Proactive measures

  • Preventative maintenance guidance and support
  • Planned annual maintenance visit, including maintenance kit
  • Coverage of costs associated with labor, travel and accommodations required for planned maintenance

Enhanced options to optimize continuous operation

  • Direct 24x7 telephone support to help you mitigate system downtime and interruptions to sample runs (certain regions/languages only)
  • An on-site parts locker for immediate access to replacement parts so you can minimize delays in your results
  • Enhanced on-site training on instrument operation and basic maintenance to help optimize your team’s performance
  • Additional planned maintenance and performance qualifications if you are continuously running a high number of sample sets

SCIEX clinical diagnostics mass spectrometry solutions

Citrine series systems
The Citrine series systems increase clinical laboratory efficiency and enable the development of large multi-analyte panels with superior speed and performance
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4500MD series system
The 4500MD series systems are highly sensitive, fast and robust all-purpose clinical mass spectrometry solutions designed for in vitro diagnostic use.
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Jasper system
The Jasper system is an FDA Class l and CE-marked in vitro diagnostic HPLC system intended for use with SCIEX medical device mass spectrometers to enable a complete SCIEX solution.
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3200MD series system
The 3200MD series systems are affordable benchtop clinical mass spectrometry platforms that combine sensitivity and selectivity with ruggedness and reliability to offer unique application versatility.
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