Food Authenticity Testing for Remarkable Accuracy, Integrity and Authenticity

Food authenticity analysis is one of the most important sets of tests any laboratory can offer.

Governed by extensive legislation, the ultimate priority for food producers and regulators is to maintain high levels of food safety standards. Effective and accurate screening for impurities and any possible illegal practices of adulteration is vital in both safeguarding public health and adhering to regulatory requirements.

Protect Consumer Health, Your Brand and Your Bottom Line
Emerging contaminants and adulterants can pose a health risk because they are often synthetic chemicals, foreign to the body, with unknown side-effects. The increased presence of these adulterants in raw materials has highlighted the need for comprehensive testing to protect consumer health, avoid costly product recalls and uphold brand confidence.

There are also concerns around the authenticity of meat products. There have been well publicized cases where horse and pig proteins have been detected in beef and halal food products. Contamination of this nature not only misleads the consumer but has health, religious and ethical implications.

SCIEX best-in-class solutions for food and beverage testing includes ingredient analysis, which delivers the capability to accurately profile food products for compositional integrity and quality, as well as quantify targeted ingredients in both raw and finished products.

Meat Speciation

A robust, sensitive and high specificity solution to detect the presence of meat species at just 1% (w/w) in raw and complex processed food matrices.

Food Adulterant Testing

Sensitive, accurate and simple methods for analyzing and quantifying contaminants and adulterants in food, whether known or unknown.

Food Fraud Analysis

Quickly profile samples to assess the authenticity and get the truth about the constituents of food, ensuring the consumer is not misled.

Dyes Testing

The analysis of low-levels of dye compounds can be challenging, we offer a highly reliable determination of targeted chemical dyes present in food samples.

Food Ingredients Authenticity and Profiling Analysis

Detect residual chemical compounds, confirm identification, and quantify contaminants and adulterants with confidence.