Reproducibility, reliability and carryover performance that meets your workflow demands, injection to injection, batch after batch.

ExionLC 2.0 and ExionLC 2.0+ systems

ExionLC 2.0 and ExionLC 2.0+ systems provide full integration, control and compatibility with SCIEX mass spectrometers bringing together the speed and precision you expect for a complete solution that meets every challenge your lab faces.

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SCIEX innovation that delivers world leading precision

Built from the same legacy of innovation as all SCIEX products, these systems deliver precision and robustness with the assurance of quality and support you would expect from the leader in the quantification of molecules.

Optimal performance, ultimate flexibility

ExionLC 2.0+ system delivers advanced precision for challenging applications
For all high demanding liquid chromatography separations, this fully configured UHPLC system is designed to deliver up to 5 mL/min at 18,000 PSI with ease. From method development to routine projects, the ExionLC 2.0+ will meet your needs.
ExionLC 2.0 system is an ideal solution for a wide range of workflows
Configured with a high-pressure binary pump capable of 12,500 PSI, integrated four-channel degasser and solvent selection valve as standard, the ExionLC 2.0 is an affordable solution for most applications.
Key system featuresExionLC 2.0+ systemExionLC 2.0 system
HPLC/UHPLC performance18,000 PSI (1240 bar)12,500 PSI (860 bar)
Flow rate range0.001 to 5 ml/min (0-1240 bar)0.001 to 2 ml/min (5-860 bar), linear reduction to 400 bar from 2.01 to 5 ml/min
Max flow rate5mL/min (0-1240 bar)10mL/min (5-400 bar)
LC flow deliveryConstant flow deliveryConstant flow delivery
Integrated degasser4 channel4 channel
Integrated solvent selection2x22x2
Column ovenUp to 8 x 12.5cm columnsUp to 8 x 12.5cm columns
Carryover performance<0.0015% (partial loop >5 μL)0.0015% (partial loop >5 μL)
Detector optionsPDA, high sensitivity PDA and MWDPDA, high sensitivity PDA and MWD
Pump optionsN/ALPG pump (860 bar max)

Optional wash system

The wash system provides reassurance that when overloaded, contaminated and complex samples are presented for analysis, the system purges and aggressively washes the key components within the system to reduce the impact of potential carryover into the next sample. The system can wash inside the autosampler tubing and perform an aggressive wash of the outside of the sample needle, using up to 8 different solvents at different flow rates, with the added capability to perform an autosampler valve rinse if required.

Reproducibility and precision

Designed to provide enhanced stability, the innovative design of the high-pressure pumps ensures the same reproducible and accurate results, day after day.

  • Stable solvent flow delivering less than 0.3% RSD retention time variation
  • High pressure dual serial piston pump rated to 860 bar at flow rates of 0.001 to 2 mL/min for maximum flexibility

Seamless integration with SCIEX OS software

These systems are fully integrated into SCIEX OS software. With simple-to-use, direct control access and real-time readbacks for each module you always know what the system is doing. New solvent level monitoring helps ensure that you never run out of solvent and avoid wasting precious samples. Easy batch set up, method processing and customizable flagging rules in SCIEX OS enable a fully automated workflow from acquisition to processing.

Why choose an ExionLC 2.0 or ExionLC 2.0+ system?

Advanced performance

    • Linearity
     • Injection precision
     • Retention time stability
     • Carryover

Single vendor

     • Whole solution support
     • Eliminates cross-vendor
     • Service and support excellence
     • Software version upgrades

Standard features

     • Solvent selection valve
     • Fully integrated degasser
     • Column oven included as part of
       the system

Ease of use

     • Real-time pump pressure trace
     • Autosampler is simple to use
       and maintain
     • Phenomenex SecurityLink
       finger-tight high-pressure fittings

Mass spectrometer compatibility

Triple Quad

3500, 4500, 5500+, 6500+ and 7500 systems


4500, 5500+, 6500+ and 7500 systems


X500R, X500B, and ZenoTOF 7600 systems
LC expertise

With over 50 years experience supporting multi-vendor LCs our SCIEX customer support network has a wealth of expertise and troubleshooting experience. Our network of specialists have a depth of knowledge across our whole portfolio, and our end-to-end solutions.

ExionLC 2.0 systems offer many benefits to your lab:

  • Simple to use and maintain
  • Straight forward LC operation
  • Seamless software integration
  • Maximum uptime and enhanced productivity
  • Supported by Danaher supply chain
  • Product lifecycle support
  • Upgrade options as your lab expands
  • Maximize return on your investment
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