Echo® MS+ system

Don't compromise - obtain high-quality data, at speed.

Redefine your high-throughput analysis

Combining high data quality and high-throughput analysis

When the quantity of samples is your challenge, break through with the Echo® MS+ system. The Echo® MS+ system gives you high-quality data, analytical flexibility and high sample throughput so you can make informed decisions, today. With sampling rates of up to 1 sample per second, results can be generated on the same day. The Echo® MS+ system is a complete solution that removes bottlenecks in high-throughput analytical workflows, from sample preparation to data reporting.

Choose the right system

Choose the right Echo® MS+ system for your laboratory

The Echo® MS+ system is available in two configurations:

offering you the flexibility to meet the needs of your laboratory.

How AEMS takes your analysis to the new level

The Echo® MS+ system uses Acoustic Ejection Mass Spectrometry (AEMS). Samples are placed into compatible microtiter plates that are held in the Echo® MS+ system autosampler. Here, sound energy is applied to the bottom of each well individually. The sound energy causes reproducible droplets to be ejected from the well for capture in a carrier solvent of the OPI for dilution and transfer to the mass spectrometer source. From this point, the diluted sample is ionized using conventional electrospray ionization, making it ready for detection.

Redefining high-throughput mass spectrometry

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Deliver high-quality data, minimize sample handling and eliminate carry over with contactless acoustic ejection sampling. Retain the precise, information-rich data needed to make informed decisions about your samples.

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Achieve unparalleled standards of quantitation and qualification, at speed. The Echo® MS+ system provides consistency and precision in challenging matrices. Its high specificity enables confidence in results, and both decreases the need for re-runs and saves on reagent costs when compared to other technologies.

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Conquer throughput barriers and decrease overall turnaround time with sampling speeds of up to 1 sample per second. Screen substrate and product simultaneously and reduce the number of analytical steps in your process.

The System

Explore the Echo® MS+ system

Contact less ejection. Sample ejection allows for rapid sampling and reducing carryover. Operational robustness. The port wash allows for cleaning the electrode assembly between sample plates, increasing the number of ejections with high-data quality before manually replacing consumables. High quality data. The ECHO® MS+ system is compatible with either the Triple Quad 6500+ or ZenoTOF 7600 system for trusted mass spectrometric performance. Sciex OS Softare. Automate data acquisition and processing, for small and large molecules. Built for throughout. Compatible with robotic automation systems
Sample volumes as low as 2.5nL

Redefining high-throughput quan/qual workflows

  • The Echo® MS+ system is compatible with either the SCIEX Triple Quad 6500+ system or the ZenoTOF 7600 system for trusted mass spectrometry performance.

  • Sample ejection allows for rapid sampling and reduced carryover.

  • The system is compatible with robotic automation systems—automating steps such as sample preparation, plate preparation, plate loading/unloading, and plate submission for analysis.

  • The port wash allows for cleaning the electrode assembly between sample plates, increasing the number of ejections that generate high quality data before you need to manually replace consumables.

  • The new features of SCIEX OS software allow:

    • Enhanced solvent and additive options for analytical flexibility
    • Data acquisition modes to enable robust quantitative and qualitative capability
    • The ability to analyze samples directly from a DMSO matrix

Echo® MS+ system walkthrough

  • Method setup is both simple and fast. With data acquisition taking as little as 1 sample per second, you can quickly test many options for ideal settings.

  • The MS method is similar to standard MS systems, with parameters such as mass range or MRM transition needing to be defined. SCIEX OS software users will be familiar with this step.

  • Acquire and process your data in SCIEX OS software, simplifying your workflows and empowering swift, well-informed decision-making.

  • See the process from beginning to end

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