Digging into artificial turf
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Digging into artificial turf

Mélanie Lauria and Craig Butt discuss an investigation of PFAS in artificial turf. Are the compounds used in turf manufacturing a risk to health and the environment?

01/10/2023 | Mélanie Lauria and Craig Butt

Plastic and rubber materials manufacturing is a major industrial use of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). The making of artificial turf falls into this category, and is a niche use of PFAS that might surprise some scientists. Mélanie Lauria and her team looked at identifying the PFAS present in turf samples and whether they could potentially leach out into the environment during use and disposal.

“The questions that remain are more linked to the end of life of the artificial turf, and how do we dispose of it.”

Mélanie Lauria