Tiannan Guo, MD, PhD

Tiannan’s mission is to achieve faster, deeper, smarter and cheaper proteomics for precision medicine. The Guo lab is committed to developing cutting-edge proteomics technologies for clinical cohort studies.

Tiannan leads a multi-disciplinary team to develop reproducible, fast, deep and low-cost proteomics technologies. He believes quantitative biological rules are hidden in proteomic big data, and that artificial intelligence empowers knowledge mining. This underpins his lab’s focus on developing computational resources to democratize the data analysis of proteomic big data sets.

His work uses a combination of pressure-cycling technology and data-independent acquisition. The protocol that his team has developed is called PCT SWATH acquisition.

"Our group develops cutting edge proteomics technologies to precisely quantify maximum number of proteins from the minimum amount of biological or clinical samples with the maximum sample throughput, enabling the generation of proteomic big data research to tackle complex biomedical questions."

Tiannan Guo