Yves Le Blanc, PhD

Pushing the boundaries of possibility, Yves applies advances in mass spectrometry-based technologies to develop hybrid solutions for qualitative and quantitative analysis across various fields of science.

Yves works in the Applied Research Group at SCIEX focusing on hybrid quadrupole linear ion trap and quadrupole time-of-flight in the identification and characterization of metabolites, biomarkers and proteins from biological samples. He explores the use of differential mobility applications in combination with chemical selectivity for direct analysis of samples.

Since he joined SCIEX in 1995, he has been directly involved in the development and marketing of the API 3000 system, API 4000 system and QTRAP systems, as well as the TripleTOF 5600 system and the SelexION device.

“I am proud of the many breakthroughs we have been able to take to market during my time at SCIEX (in roles that include application chemist to lab manager as well as technical marketing lead). In recent years, my main area of research has focused on gaining selectivity in peptides analysis by extending the capabilities of SCIEX systems.”

Yves Le Blanc