Generation Quant

Episode 2 : Foundations

Detecting something is not enough—only quantification can determine whether it is important. But how do you enable the quantification of molecules in liquid phase samples? The answer lies in cracking the liquid phase-gas phase dilemma.

05 / 07 / 2019 | Author: SCIEX

How do you couple the incompatible techniques that are mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography? Tom Covey, Principal Scientist at SCIEX, called this problem “the liquid phase-gas phase dilemma.” Cracking this dilemma sparked the breakthrough launch of the API III system, which enabled scientists to answer untapped questions by measuring analytes in an LC flow, and propelled the field of life science research forward.

That led to a discovery of an entirely new physical principle [known as collisional focusing]. To this day, … [most], if not all, atmospheric mass spectrometers on the planet utilize that principle.

Tom Covey