Discovery Lipidomics

Screen more compounds, with better clarity

SCIEX solutions for Discovery Lipidomics have the power to capture and analyze thousands of cellular lipids to identify biomarkers and clarify cellular metabolism at the lipid level. Based on the powerful TripleTOF® system and SWATH® technology, the unique MS/MSALL workflow provides automated collection of all precursors within a desired mass range, fragmentation of selected precursor ions, and a record of all product ions. The result is a three-dimensional map of all lipid precursors and fragments that can be mined retrospectively - a digital map of the lipidome.

  • Offering complete analysis in a single injection, a SCIEX TripleTOF System with SWATH® technology and MS/MSALL delivers accurate mass lipid profiling for lipidomics research at high speeds without compromising resolution or sensitivity.
  • Providing gas phase fractionation that isolates lipid classes prior to MS/MS analysis, SelexION™ Technology provides enhanced selectivity and reduces isobaric overlap.
  • Containing a reference library of over 25,000 lipid species by lipid headgroups, fatty-acid-based and long-chain-based characteristic fragments and neutral losses, LipidView™ Software enables straightforward identification and characterization of lipid data.

The TripleTOF® System utilizes the infusion MS/MSALL workflow to digitally map the lipidome of bovine heart lipid extract.