SCIEX OS Software: Transform Your Samples into Meaningful Analytical Answers

Accuracy, Efficiency, Simplicity at Your Fingertips. SCIEX OS is the modern mass spectrometry software platform enhancing your LC-MS analysis. End to end data processing based on powerful algorithms readily work behind the scenes to provide users of all skill levels with reliable answers.

Analytical laboratories are faced with an ever-increasing volume of samples to analyze, often requiring both qualitative and quantitative analysis. This was not always possible with traditional software, leading to challenges associated with the use of several types of analytical instruments, high training costs for multiple software platforms across the lab and manual review processes, with the result of decreased laboratory productivity.

What we heard from you made it possible for us to engineer a software solution that meets your needs today and for the future. SCIEX OS evolved into a powerful software solution that reflects the versatility and flexibility you require. Because of its modularity, the platform features a comprehensive software suite. Whether the workflow needs are basic or complex, from fully compliant routine analyses to totally flexible research workflows or anything in between – SCIEX OS Software can be configured to support them all.

SCIEX OS Software is the operating system for the X500 series of SCIEX mass spectrometers, incorporating the ability to control, acquire, analyze and manage laboratory data.


Conveniently, the software processes data generated by Analyst® and Analyst® TF Software. This advanced capability to analyze data acquired on SCIEX Triple Quad™, QTRAP®, and TripleTOF® instruments as well as on the X500 QTOF systems, complements the SCIEX OS portfolio.

By using these optimized data processing tools, such as SCIEX OS-Q for processing batches of qualitative analyses and SCIEX OS-MQ for quantification, samples are seamlessly converted into meaningful information - without manual data review. One easy-to-learn software platform handles all your qualitative and quantitative analysis tasks. As data analysis tools are sharable from one SCIEX system to the next, you will benefit from a consistent user experience across instruments, reduced training time, minimized operator errors, increased lab productivity.

Flexible Configurations to Change the Way You Work

SCIEX OS-MQ Software

Turn the software you have into the SCIEX OS-MQ you want! MultiQuant™ Software has met your lab's needs for many years and now evolved into an even more powerful software platform, SCIEX OS-MQ or increased MS quantitation productivity. The single solution for quantifying large sample sets features superior data processing and visualization, powerful data integration, enhanced audit trail and helps users of different skill levels to perform their own automated analyses.

SCIEX OS-Q Software

Don't get left behind! Advance your data processing capabilities with ease and confidence. SCIEX OS-Q Software is the integrated platform for multiple workflows. From performing high-throughput screening MRM data processing to non-targeted investigations - all the tools you need are at your fingertips, without sacrificing time, valuable samples, or results. The software simplifies compound identification, quantitation, and data review from QTRAP® and TripleTOF® MS files, so your lab can master the speed, power, and accuracy offered by LC-MS/MS technology.

SCIEX OS Software

SCIEX OS was designed exclusively for the X-Series QTOF systems so that operators can acquire data, analyze results, and publish reports, all within the same interface for enhanced productivity. The tiled layout of the SCIEX OS control hub creates a familiar navigation format for the operator. From the control hub, under the acquisition section, users can build MS methods and LC methods, create batches, and run samples. Data processing is performed using the explorer and analytics functions for simultaneous identification and quantitation. Instrument management can also be controlled for instrument suitability checks and to adjust user settings and privileges.

SCIEX OS Software: Get to know the new Interface

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SCIEX OS Software

Ready to Bring the Power of SCIEX OS Software to Your Workflow?

SCIEX OS Software 1.6.1 is Here! Faster, easier, and more productive - yet familiar, powerful and secure. Learn more about next-generation SCIEX software in your resource pack Explore upgrade options for your laboratories' needs Find out how you can get SCIEX OS Software now

The SCIEX OS Software Difference

Full Support, from Start to Finish

SCIEX OS incorporates features that assist any laboratory across the entirety of their data journey, from data acquisition and processing to generating customized analytical reports.

Quick to Learn, Simple to Master

The user-friendly and comprehensive solution that will increase laboratory productivity. The software features a straightforward point-and-click navigation interface with data easily accessible through the various categorization and filtering capabilities.

Compliance at Heart

Security is serious. It’s why SCIEX OS Software provides tools such as the incorporation of electronic audit trails, electronic signatures, and detailed security configurations to help meet GxP and 21 CFR Part 11 Regulations. Its flexibility allows you to tailor and deploy security policies to help meet the requirements of your laboratory.

Minimize Mouse Clicks and Reduce Data Bottlenecks

Do more. Analyze more. Giving you faster access to your meaningful results with the various features that improve laboratory productivity. Including the Automatic Outlier Removal algorithm, that automatically removes standards that are outside your set confidence limits, and improved filtering features that take you straight to the results that matter.

Quality with Less Effort

Achieve quality, meaningful results that require less user intervention with automated integration and outlier removal algorithms. Alleviate any potential pitfalls associated with manual interpretation and simplify the process of data analysis.

SCIEX OS Software offered by the X500 QTOF system provides an intuitive user interface, fast method setup and modification, and efficient data acquisition and processing. It really makes my research work more productive.

Dr. Haoran Song, Harbin Institute of Technology

The Features You Need, Under One Roof

Data Processing Compatibility

SCIEX OS is the single software interface processing data for all SCIEX Triple Quad™, QTRAP® and TripleTOF® instruments as well as the X-Series QTOF MS Systems - one processing platform for the entire lab. The software offers the enhanced ability to control the X-Series of SCIEX mass specs, acquire and analyze laboratory data.

Automatic Outlier Removal Algorithm

New outlier removal algorithm calculates linear regressions and highlights any point that fails to meet user-specified rules. This reduces the need for hands-on analysis, minimizing the time it takes you to perform calibration curves.

AutoPeak Integration Algorithm

Save time with the new quantitation algorithm that accelerates workflow analyses. The software can deliver consistent integrations that reduce the need for hands-on manual interventions.

Standard Addition

High background or the unavailability of surrogate standards causing a problem? Not for SCIEX OS and its native standard addition capabilities, able to perform calculations and deliver results alongside the integration analysis.

Peak Grouping by Adduct/Charge

Adducts and dimers can complicate identification processes. The Formula Finder screens results against a library database to take into account modified adducts and assists you with the identification process for your desired compound.

Enhanced Filtering Tools and Advanced flag rules

Improved filtering features such as user-defined flagging rules and calculated columns make interpreting your data easier than it has ever been. Query-like functionality is incorporated into SCIEX OS Analytics to help you quickly and easily drill down to the data that matters most.

SWATH + IDA Acquisition Method

SWATH acquisition looped with IDA acquisition in one method and one injection is now supported in SCIEX OS, bringing the best of both worlds so you can be confident that you will not miss any analytes in your screening samples.

Concurrent Licensing

Introducing the concurrent ("server-based") license model to your organization will support you in using your processing software more flexibly and cost-effectively. It's also ideal for large companies with many infrequent users who want a flexible licensing model that ensures compliance with the licensing agreement.

Network Acquisition Support

Projects can now be stored on network resources. By centralizing data, this feature facilitates sharing and backup of information. If a network interruption occurs, data acquisition continues locally, and the data is transferred to the network when it becomes available.

Import of Integration Parameters

MQ4 and summation integration parameters are exported along with components which facilitates the transfer of methods from one processing computer to another, and with the conversion of MultiQuant™ software processing methods.

Automatic Processing

Automatically processing samples in the queue after they are acquired will help you to increase the throughput using fully automated batch data processing.

Maximize Productivity with the Complete Solution

Bring the Power of SCIEX OS to Your Application

From pharmaceutical drug discovery/development and metabolomics to food, environmental testing and so much more, learn how SCIEX OS software enhances results in these key applications.

Environmental Analysis

Respond quickly and meet regulations with confident results for the screening, identification, and quantification of low-level chemical contaminants.

Food and Beverage Analysis

Detect and identify targeted and non-targeted analysis at or below maximum residue limits with high-quality data you can trust.

Forensic Analysis

Deliver fast, highly accurate data across a multitude of compounds and biomarkers, from the known to the new, and the novel.

Pharma and BioPharma

Make complex workflows easier and more efficient and deliver the highest data quality data to transform your pharma discovery, development and manufacturing pipeline.

Life Science Research

Scale up your research to identify key genes, protein, lipids and metabolites and easily integrate your data to find relevant insights.

Get More from Your Mass Spec

Whether you need to acquire and process biologics data using the X500B QTOF System or want to utilize the advanced calculation algorithms for data processing for various applications with the TripleTOF, QTRAP and Triple Quad systems, SCIEX instruments and software can address the unique needs of your laboratory.

X500B QTOF System

This high-resolution QTOF system makes analyzing your standardized biologics characterization workflow answers easier, in a single benchtop platform.

X500R QTOF System

Simple workflows and robust hardware makes screening for unknown samples easier; ideal for food, forensics and environmental testing labs.

TripleTOF® 6600 System

Delve deeper into your samples using the ultra-sensitive and ultra-fast acquisition rates of this platform.

QTRAP® 4500 LC-MS/MS System

The ideal robust and reliable instrument for laboratories that have to screen high volumes of samples every day.

Triple Quad 6500 System

Exceedingly sensitive, sharply focused and equipped with IonDrive Technology that increases the quality of ions produced while enhancing detection.


Find out how the SCIEX OS system works with the X500R system



Learn how to use SCIEX OS to create LC methods for the X500B System



Learn how to make the most of SCIEX OS data processing capabilities



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Benefits of the Concurrent Software License Model

A New Level of Compliant-Ready Intact Biotherapeutic Protein Quantitation using Reconstructed Masses

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SCIEX OS Software Guia do usuário do software

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SCIEX OS 1.6.1 1.13 GB


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SCIEX OS 1.5 540 MB


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SCIEX OS 1.4.1  


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SCIEX OS 1.4  


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