Innovative Metabolomics Solutions Getting You Closer to Your Phenotype

Metabolomics is often considered the most direct approach to making quantitative measurements that can be related to the physiological state of an organism, and therefore metabolomics plays an important part in fundamental understanding of disease as well as in the search for potential biomarkers. Metabolomics is a frequently challenging field, as identification of unknowns is a non-trivial process, and consequently tools to map the known metabolome or to target specific pathways of interest are often employed alongside discovery approaches.

SCIEX solutions for metabolomics are specifically tailored to your research goals, coupling innovative hardware with versatility in data processing that allows to you obtain the specific answers you seek. Discover how developments such as SWATH® Acquisition and microflow chromatography can elevate your data, driving the discovery of potential biomarkers and broadening your view of the known metabolome. See how simple, integrated LC-MS solutions can allow core labs and translational researchers to generate robust metabolomics data to further their research interests.

There’s a metabolomics approach to suit every biological question. Hover over and click the icons below to explore the experimental strategies that will answer them, and how they are powered by SCIEX technology.

On Demand: Metabolomics Online Symposium

Hear leading global researchers present on quantitative metabolomics in our brand new online symposium! The talks cover a range of topics such as novel methodologies, separation strategies, clinical research, and flux studies. Register now for instant access!

Why We Love Metabolomics - and You Should Too!

Annie Evans from Metabolon Inc. talks about her passion for metabolomics and the ways it can impact everyday lives.

Applied Metabolomics. Delivered

Metabolomics for everyone. Watch Tim Garrett talk about setting up simple yet sophisticated metabolomics pipelines that drive results.

The Power and Breadth of Metabolomics

Putting metabolomics to the test. See how Thomas Hankemeier is leading the charge in clinical and drug discovery research through large scale quantification of metabolites.