Continuing the data independent acquisition (r)evolution in quantitative proteomics

Introducing ZT Scan DIA

Introducing ZT Scan DIA

Quantitative proteomics - the numbers that count.

In biomarker research, scientists often struggle to translate insights into actionable data due to the balance between data depth and measurement quality. For proteomics studies, quantifying numerous proteins quickly is crucial for large-scale clinical research. Yet, sensitive techniques are needed for detecting low abundance proteins in cell and drug studies with small sample sizes.

Traditionally, researchers faced a dilemma: prioritize sensitivity and specificity for a few proteins, or sacrifice precision and data quality to quantify many proteins broadly. ZT Scan DIA combines the depth of data independent acquisition methods with the precision of targeted approaches. This innovative method allows precise quantitation of entire proteomes with exceptional speed and sensitivity, overcoming previous limitations.

Welcome to the future of quantitative proteomics, where the numbers that truly count are the proteins quantified and the precision of their measurement. 

Target, validate and translate with ZT Scan DIA

Whether confirming a biomarker as the right target or validating a new translational biomarker for drug discovery, determining the pathway for biotherapeutic efficacy demands timely and precise decisions.

Biology beyond protein ID

For quantitative proteomics, ZT Scan DIA bridges the gap between protein identification and translation, enabling you to make informed decisions based on quantitation at unparalleled speed, accuracy and precision.

With the added dimension of data from quadrupole scanning, ZT Scan DIA brings certainty to your research, enabling precise decisions on which protein biomarker to validate and which therapeutic pathway to choose.

Biological relevance at speed

Translational certainty requires a depth of proteome coverage that can be accurately validated at scale.

ZT Scan DIA data allows you to precisely quantify proteins with no compromise in depth or coverage. With up to 10-fold improvement in throughput for protein quantitation, ZT Scan DIA enables 1-minute analyses for low to moderate protein loads.

Biological nuances unlocked

In biomarker discovery and development, low protein load analysis exposes measurement vulnerabilities, increasing the need for precision and reducing margins of error.

With ZT Scan DIA, navigate these risks with up to 9 fold increase in protein coverage at low loads. This enhanced protein coverage will help you negate those frailties with increased certainty to make precise decisions.

Take your biology beyond ID numbers
  • Whether confirming if a biomarker is the right target, validating a new translational biomarker as a drug discovery candidate, or deciding a pathway for therapeutic efficacy, the decisions you make count. ZT Scan DIA will help researchers extract insightful biological answers from its multidimensional data.

    Jose Castro-Perez Vice President, Product Management at SCIEX.

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