Cliquid® Software

Cliquid Software for routine screening and quantitation is designed to work in conjunction with Analyst® Software Version 1.5.2 (or higher) to provide a simple, four-step workflow by LC/MS/MS. The software can be used with any QTRAP® System or triple quadrupole LC/MS/MS system. While Cliquid Software itself does not include any pre-configured tests, a number of pre-configured iMethod™ Applications, including libraries and MRM catalogues, are available for food, environmental, forensic and clinical research analysis. Visit our iMethod Application Center for a complete list of available iMethod Applications.

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Cliquid 3.2 Software offers the ability to interface to any LIMS or LIS in a bi-directional fashion. A number of workflows are also supported including the release of results from the Cliquid Software to a LIMS or LIS, the download of a worklist from the LIMS or LIS to Cliquid Software, and the download of plate maps created from a liquid handler.  The workflows improve laboratory efficiency while reducing errors caused by manual work.

The ability for the Cliquid Software to read and intelligently process barcode data extends previously supported workflows.  For vial samples, the software now can read and compare barcodes based on a sample number or name.  If the barcodes don't match, a visual flag and message is highlighted in the sample list resulting in greater confidence in your results.

Release results with a click of a button: Cliquid Software allows the flexibility to select samples in a given batch for release, or release an entire batch to a LIMS/LIS.  This functionality is available on any SCIEX QTRAP® LC/MS/MS System or Triple Quad system.


Confidence in your results: Samples where barcodes do not match the expected results are flagged in red along with a descriptive message indicating the issue.


  • Bi-directional LIMS compatibility with any LIMS or LIS (not standard with Cliquid Software 3.2)
  • Barcode reading for chain of custody workflows
  • Secure user log-in functionality links the identity of operators to the tasks they are allowed to perform
  • Customizable, simple, four-step workflow makes set-up and run analysis easy
  • Reporting tool provides you the ability to choose from hundreds of available Microsoft Word, Excel, .PDF, or text-based report styles – customize these according to laboratory specific requirements
  • Simplified data analysis, re-integration, and re-processing tool
  • Support for routine quantitation, targeted, and unknown screening workflows
  • Support for walk-up, open-access compound identification and verification
  • Full compatibility with Analyst Software version 1.5.2 (or higher) and ChemoView Software version 2.0.2
  • Available iMethod Applications, MRM catalogues (with up to 6 transitions per compound), and MS/MS Libraries
  • Pack/unpack method sharing functionality
  • Multi-lingual interface and reporting
  • Full control of all industry-leading HPLC systems
  • Support for multiplexing HPLC systems into a single mass spectrometer