Dr Catherine Guette

Group Leader of the Clinical Proteomics Unit, Cancer Research Institution
Doctor Catherine Guette headshot

Project goal

In colorectal and breast cancers, we use proteomics to identify a senescence secretome to find biomarkers that could predict the efficacy of treatments.

The solution

  • The TripleTOF® 5600+ System, a robust LC-MS/MS platform working at high throughput in microflow mode. It’s way faster – 1 hour per sample - and more robust compared to nano flow with similar sensitivity.
  • We use SWATH Acquisition to get comprehensive coverage and high quality quantitation across many samples.

Biggest Challenges Right Now

  • Ability to identify and quantify as many proteins as possible in our samples
  • Acquisition of reproducible quantitative data
  • Creation of permanent digital record of the proteome for each sample

The outcomes

  • We can work on very large cohorts (more than 150 tumor samples) to identify robust biomarkers or to better understand the cancer biology.
  • “SWATH Acquisition allows the creation of permanent digital record of the proteome for each cancer sample.”

Type of organization

Cancer Research Institution, Biomarkers & Omics


Identification of soluble and detectable markers of tumor progression

SCIEX products/applications

  • SWATH® Acquisition on the TripleTOF® 5600+ System
  • SCIEX NanoLC™ 400 System (Microflow Mode)
  • PeakView® Software
  • MarkerView™ Software
  • Multi-Omics Data Integration with OneOmics™
  • “Our activity in personalized medicine in oncology has dramatically increased.”