Christie Hunter, Ph.D.

You haven’t seen problem solving at its best until you’ve met Christie. Find out what gets Christie out of bed in the morning and how she works relentlessly to find solutions to real-life scientific challenges.

"I think SWATH acquisition is one of the most exciting things to come through in a while. The technique provides high quality quantitation and is easily adopted into the research lab, and provides very reproducible results (as shown in our recent multi-site study). We started using this quantitative approach in proteomics but now it is getting adopted across many more applications, very exciting!"



Christie Hunter is the Director of Applications here at SCIEX and her team is responsible for developing new applications using SCIEX solutions. They also generate/coordinate all the technical content that demonstrates how our CE and LC-MS solutions can be used to solve real-world challenges in researcher’s labs. Her hobbies include traveling, hiking, and exploring new countries with family and friends.

What excites you about your role at SCIEX?


"I believe that the field of mass spectrometry is extremely exciting; this technology can be used in so many ways to advance research. We have such a broad range of innovative technologies, you can really be creative in how you approach and solve problems, creating new applications or applying an existing workflow to emerging research challenges. As a scientist, I learn something new every day and it is that challenge and that excitement that gets me out of bed in the morning!"

What are some of the biggest game changers you see in the advancement of Life Science Research?


"For Omics research in the biomarker space and in support of precision medicine, we have to go big! We need to industrialize how we have been approaching this research so we can run more samples with more reliable quantitation. I really feel like we are in a good place with our current toolkit! By running bigger cohorts and performing advanced informatics, our customers will increase the cadence of delivering solid biomarker panels that can be ultimately used in the clinic to impact how we think about health and wellness and disease treatment."

How would you describe what you do at SCIEX to your friends and family?


"As the actual applications that we do are relatively complex, I always talk about what we do in terms of how the technology is used to benefit them in their daily lives. Connecting the science to what interests them and what matters to people is relatively easy because SCIEX solutions are used in so many important places. Whether it is talking about how the X500R is used to screen for pesticides in our food supply, or how SWATH acquisition is changing how we find biomarkers for early cancer detection, it is easy to be proud of what we do here at SCIEX!"

What are some Applications, Publications, or Collaborations you have worked on?


"Recently, I helped coordinate a large study with eleven SWATH acquisition labs all over the world, where we investigated the fundamental reproducibility of this emerging MS technique to answer the question whether this technique could be deployed for large-scale biomarker research. We looked at how many proteins could be quantified reproducibly within each lab and how comparable the results were between labs. Excitingly, we found that labs were producing very similar data and that our quantitation data between labs could be easily combined after a simple normalization step. It was a fun project with amazing results, and working with my SWATH friends all over the world was very rewarding!"

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