Cracking PTMs with EAD

Dr. Birgit Schilling of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging works to optimize MS workflows for labile post-translational modifications that can undergo neutral loss.

06 / 30 / 2021 | Birgit Schilling

Birgit Schilling and her team at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging had fun playing with the new features of the ZenoTOF 7600 system. See relevant examples of PTM work in the context of neurodegenerative disease and metabolic disorders. Dr. Schilling shows clear examples of when CID fails and EAD shines, and makes a pretty good argument for why she thinks EAD is so valuable for quantification. Dr. Christie Hunter of SCIEX contributes to the Q&A.

“One really fun feature for the EAD—the electron activated dissociation—is that you can actually tune the kinetic energy of EAD fragmentation.”

Birgit Schilling