PeakView Software

Fast and Accurate Mass Spec Data Interrogation Software


For the inquisitive data explorer, PeakView® Software is everything you need for spectral analysis and data interrogation. Easily review, identify, superimpose, compare samples, and label peaks in just a few clicks. PeakView Software supports mass spectrometer systems for qualitative review of LC-MS and MS/MS data as well as optional detectors such as UV and DAD.


When it comes to PeakView, I’ve found SCIEX users I work with really love the “open mol file” option, which helps them visually connect and confirm the MS/MS data to different sections of the structure for the molecule of interest.
Mahbod Hajivandi,
SCIEX Applications Specialist

The PeakView Software Difference

Confidently Interrogate Your Data

Gain rapid insight on your data. Screen and identify peaks automatically by processing LC-MS/MS data using information on retention times, accurate mass, isotopic pattern, and MS/MS library searching.

Intuitively Made for You

Data review and presentation is simplified and enhanced with functions that allow comparison, identification, labeling, and creation of informative contour and overlay plots.

Flexibility So You Can Do Great Things

Interrogate data for a diversity of workflows through micro-applications including SWATH® Acquisition, Bio Tool Kit, and MasterView™ Software.

In my experience, the customers I support tell me they really like the speed that PeakView offers in instances such as searching metabolites using neutral loss, precursor, isotope pattern, mass defect filter and so forth. This really saves the customer a tremendous amount of time.
Shaw Xia,
SCIEX Applications Specialist

Superior Peak Detection and Deconvolution

Quick and Easy Qualitative Review and Comparison


Don’t miss anything, see everything all at once because PeakView Software allows comprehensive data coverage. Identify peaks across scales and with varying intensities in a single spectrum, whether you’re a novice or advanced user. From raw mass spec data to final output result validation and visualization, informative visuals such as overlaid chromatograms or heat maps help you quickly view and identify peaks easily.

PeakView Software is ideal to get an in-depth insight of your data, and the broad range of tools serves as a great first source for generating your pre-publication reports.

Sophisticated Investigation and Characterization at the Molecular Level


Quickly calculate and determine all possible elemental formulas to detect masses using both accurate mass and isotope distribution with Formula Finder. Using advanced algorithms that use chemical logic and available MS/MS data, efficiently and accurately identify and filter through non-targeted samples.

The structural elucidation in PeakView Software links the masses of ions to structures to help identify and characterize compounds, explore possible sites for biotransformation, and provide insights into fragmentation mechanisms. Matching compositions and substructures to the MS and MS/MS allows users to confirm identity and explore more complex fragmentation pathways.



Integrated MicroApps for Enhanced Functionality


Novel software micro-applications embedded into the PeakView Software enhances functionality for specific workflows.

For instance, SWATH Acquisition micro-application. It is a comprehensive processing tool for quantitative proteomics. Associate your protein spectral ion library with your SWATH data and easily turn the comprehensive SWATH datasets into quantitative answers. Retention time calibration, advanced extraction and scoring algorithms ensure highest data integrity, which can then be exported to the MarkerView™ Software for statistical analysis.

Another micro-application, Bio Tool Kit can be added on to PeakView Software to easily characterize your biomolecules. Whether you are characterizing your peptide by de novo sequencing, or your protein using peptide mapping and intact protein reconstruction, the intuitive, interactive tools allow you to find the right answer quickly. The extensive post-translational modification catalog ensures answers to the most challenging spectra can be determined.

MasterView Software simplifies compound identification, quantitation, and data review from complex LC-MS/MS data files. The intuitive interface makes data review fast and easy and supports both targeted and untargeted data processing strategies. It also is seamlessly linked to LibraryView™ Software and the powerful chemical structure database; ChemSpider to ensure confident identification of your unknowns, without having to leave the MasterView Software interface.

I’ve learned there are multiple features that have been very impactful for customers I’ve worked with. For instance, the feedback we receive on the intact protein reconstruction’s ability to deconvolute data is often─ “Oh, it is fast!
Todd Stawicki,
SCIEX Applications Specialist

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