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Let us help answer that age-old question with a custom Return on Investment (ROI) calculation specific to your business.

Understand your return on investment (ROI)

SCIEX Calculator


Return on investment can be used to determine the profitability associated with capital expenditures for your organization.
SCIEX offers this tool to help you explore the financial value a mass spectrometer can bring to your laboratory.

Try this calculator in three easy steps:

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Disclaimer: Operational costs are assay specific and may not align with the assumption in this calculator. Purchasing a mass spectrometer can be a significant expenditure for a laboratory. This calculator is provided for illustrative purposes only to assist in the analysis of the financial impact of your purchase. The information included in, and generated by, the calculator represents no statement or guarantee regarding cost, coverage or reimbursement for the product or services provided using the product. The calculator does not suggest any particular level of utilization of the product. The laboratory must decide whether to use the calculator and retains responsibility for product purchase decisions.

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