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ZenoTOF 7600 system
Discover Zeno trap and EAD. A powerful combination of MS/MS sensitivity and fragmentation technology.
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SCIEX OS software
Now you can acquire and process enhanced resolution scans from your QTRAP system! In addition, this release brings support for dry roughing pumps on the SCIEX 6500+ system.
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Intabio ZT system
Be unstoppable with comprehensive charge variant analysis on a single system.
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Why SCIEX portfolio

Pioneering solutions that inspire life-changing research and revolutionize the industry.

Mass Spectrometers

SCIEX mass spectrometers are designed to help you break new ground by pushing the limits of speed and sensitivity in quantitative and qualitative analyses.

Clinical Medical Devices

Best-in-class in vitro diagnostic mass spec solutions that are extremely easy to adopt and powerful enough to handle the everyday demands of the clinical lab.

CE Instruments

Optimize your workflow efficiency with capillary electrophoresis systems that deliver exceeding sensitivity, resolution, and performance.


The largest, most advanced range of front-end technologies to enhance the power of your mass spec, from analytical flow LC-MS to ultra-low flow CESI-MS.


Intelligent, fast, secure, and intuitive software that delivers better results and meets the analytical needs of world’s most demanding labs.

Integrated Solutions

Integrated end-to-end mass spec workflows that give you everything you need to get the most out of your sample from start to finish.


SCIEX continues to revolutionize the industry with groundbreaking LC-MS/MS and capillary electrophoresis technology that influences life-changing research.

Why SCIEX for your application

SCIEX Applications

SCIEX mass spec and capillary electrophoresis solutions are designed by scientists with your applications in mind. From routine testing to the most complex analytical experiments, we constantly innovate to enable you to transform your workflows.

Clinical Diagnostics

Improve the quality of results, achieve faster turnaround times, and reduce costs. Routine diagnostic testing that delivers excellent accuracy and robust performance with our in vitro diagnostic medical device mass spectrometers

Environmental Testing

Overcome complex matrices and measure more compounds in every sample. Our solutions deliver the lowest possible detection limits at trace levels with the ultimate accuracy.

Food and Beverage Testing

Meet maximum residue limits (MRLs) with high-quality data that you can genuinely count upon. With SCIEX your lab can quickly and easily react to diverse market needs.

Forensics Analysis

Accurately detect even the smallest compounds to deliver evidence that stands. Get fast, highly accurate data across a multitude of compounds and biomarkers.

Life Science Research

Capture the best data, integrate results cross-omics, and gain relevant insights to make your next discovery. Get more reliable information on the key genes, proteins, lipids, and metabolites for your research.

Pharma and BioPharma Research

Transform the capacity and capability of your biologics pipeline with innovative end-to-end mass spec and capillary electrophoresis solutions that help you to make better development decisions, faster.