Designer Solutions for Designer Drug Analysis

Drug testing innovations to find and ID novel and emerging psychoactive substances

For Research purposes only. Not to be used in diagnostic procedures.

Multi-target screening for standard lists of forensic drug compounds is highly useful in forensic analysis. However, with novel psychoactive substances (NPS) being developed every day, there is now the need to detect and identify assorted chemical compounds that may not be well-characterized or identified as part of a standard drug compounds list.

High resolution mass spec technology such as the X500R QTOF is a powerful tool for forensic researchers investigating their samples for unknown compounds, drug metabolites, unknown chemicals or hazards, or unknown novel psychoactive substances that have never been previously detected or characterized.


The benefits of high resolution mass spec for forensic investigations of novel psychoactive substances include:

  • Sensitivity to detect very low levels of unknown chemical compounds
  • SWATH® analysis to discover new synthetic compounds as they emerge into forensic toxicology
  • Utility to leverage MS/MS fragmentation information for accurate chemical characterization
  • Ability to simultaneously screen for known targeted forensic compounds in the same analysis

Mass Spectrometry is the solution to address NPS — from the artificial cannabinoids of the JWH family of compounds found in synthetic cannabis (K2/Spice), phenethylamines (with stimulant, entactogenic or hallucinogenic effects, such as PMMA and 2C-I), tryptamines (which have predominantly hallucinogenic effects, such as AMT and 5-MeO-DALT), piperazines (which exhibit predominantly stimulant effects, such as mCPP and BZP) or cathinones.

Forensic researchers now have access to this powerful tool enabling unknown screening and surveillance of a wide scope of forensic samples so you can better find and identify unexpected drugs, drug analogs and drug metabolites.