Mass Spec Software Learning Courses

eLearning courses for Instrument Software and Data Processing

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Analyst® Software Overview

This 24-minute training session will introduce a new user to Analyst Software operation.

MultiQuant™ and DiscoveryQuant™ Course

This series of eLearning courses will teach you to operate MultiQuant and DiscoveryQuant Software.

Analyst Series

This series of eLearning modules provides in-depth training for Analyst Software operation.

Lipid Analysis Series

The Lipid Analysis Series provides training for LipidView™ Software and introduces you to the MS/MSALL workflow.

Time of Flight Series Explorer Software

These three courses explain how to use the TOF/TOF Series Explorer Software for the manual acquisition of MS Spectra, the manual acquisition of MS/MS Spectra, and auto MS and MS/MS.


The SCIEX OS Series introduces high resolution MRM workflow, non-targeted screening workflow, and targeted identification workflow.